Best Places To Visit In Nottingham Now Lockdown Restrictions Are Lifting

Since Boris Johnson announced that lockdown restrictions were going to be gradually lifting, many people have been eager to finally leave their houses and experience the things they have been missing out on for the majority of 2020 – pubs, restaurants, bars, and all the other attractions that have now announced that they are reopening.

Consider this your guide when visiting Nottingham now that many of the city’s attractions are able to open their doors once again. Whether you are looking for outdoor attractions, food or drinks, this guide will have you covered and should have something which is suitable for everyone!


Some people are still feeling uneasy about visiting indoor places such as pubs and restaurants – that is perfectly okay! Nottingham has a variety of parks that you can visit, perfect for relaxing in the summer weather, going on long walks, and chilling with friends.

The University of Nottingham University Park campus boasts some gorgeous scenery- Highfields Park included

1. Arboretum

Situated on Waverley Street, the Arboretum parks and gardens is the perfect place to get out in the sun. With over 800 trees, it is perfect for nature lovers.

The park is also very accessible as it is the closest park to Nottingham’s city centre. It can therefore be accessed very easily by tram.

The park has even been claimed to have inspired J.M. Barrie’s ‘Neverland’ when writing ‘Peter Pan’! It is open from 8am on weekdays, and 9am on weekends.

2. Highfields Park

The University of Nottingham University Park campus boasts some gorgeous scenery – Highfields Park included, which is situated on the campus.

Located along University Boulevard, the park can also be accessed by tram and contains a boating lake, where you can hire boats during the summer. There is also a café, and a children’s play area.

The park is open 24 hours, and the lake is open from 10.30am until 7pm daily. Last hire for boats is 6pm.

Some people prefer the atmosphere of a bar to a pub, but don’t let that worry you because there are plenty of bars open in Nottingham

3. Wollaton Hall And Deer Park 

Wollaton Park is also situated right next to the University of Nottingham University Park campus. It is a deer park, so it is perfect for wildlife lovers, and is centred around Nottingham’s Natural History Museum.

Despite the museum being closed currently, it has a beautiful exterior – and they are looking at introducing social distancing measures so that it can be reopened in the near future. It is open from 8am on weekdays and 9am on weekends. It also has children’s play areas and a café.


For some people, it has been pubs they have missed the most during lockdown. Nottingham has a wide variety of pubs throughout the city, which are now open as restrictions lift, serving both food and drinks.

1. Wetherspoons

Nottingham has multiple Wetherspoons’ located within the city centre, including The Roebuck Inn (St. James Street), The Joseph Else (Market Square), The Goosebury Bush (Peel Street), and Lloyd’s No. 1 (Carlton Street), to name just a few.

Every pub lover has been to a Wetherspoons – many people say that you can’t go wrong with a Wetherspoons! Whether you are looking for a meal out, as they also serve food, or a few drinks with your mates, ‘Spoons is the perfect location.

They are open from 8am to midnight Sunday to Thursday, and 8am to 1am on Friday and Saturday. You can also order on their app to avoid queuing at the bar.

Wetherspoons aren’t taking table bookings, so you will have to try your luck on the day, but with so many across the city I have no doubt that you will be able to find one which will have a table free for you.

2. Rose and Crown 

If you are looking for somewhere slightly further away from the city centre, the Rose and Crown would be perfect for you. Located on Derby Road in Lenton, it is a traditional British pub.

If you are a sports fan, they will be showing sports on the TV, and they serve traditional pub meals. You will need to book a table in advance, which can be done via their app, which can also be used to order your food and drinks.

It is open 12pm until 10pm Sunday to Thursday, and 11am until 11pm on Friday and Saturday.


Some people prefer the atmosphere of a bar to a pub, but don’t let that worry you because there are plenty of bars open in Nottingham. They also all serve food as well as drinks.

Serving pub classics, beers, wines and cocktails, Pitcher and Piano is unique as it is located in the Unitarian Church

1. Penny Lane

Located at Fletcher Gate in the city centre, next to Lace Market, Penny Lane is advertised as a ‘seaside arcade bar’. Serving food as well as a wide variety of extravagant and impressive seaside themed cocktails.

Penny Lane is perfect if you’re a cocktail lover. It is open from midday until 1am Sunday to Friday, and 11am until 1am on Saturday.

They’re currently taking bookings for up to 6 people from up to 2 households, and you can book on their website. So, if you’re missing the beach and summer holidays, then this is the perfect bar for you.

2. Pitcher and Piano 

Serving pub classics, beers, wines and cocktails, Pitcher & Piano is unique as it is located in the Unitarian Church, on High Pavement in the city centre. With beautiful architecture, it is the perfect location for your first meal or drinks out since lockdown rules lifted.

There is nowhere else in the city quite like it. It is open 11am until 11pm Monday to Thursday, 11am until 12am on Friday and Saturday, and 12am until 11pm on Sunday. Tables must be booked through the contact details on their website.

3. Coco Tang 

Coco Tang is described as an ‘Oriental Café & Cocktail Bar’. Upstairs it is an Oriental Café, and downstairs it is a Cocktail Bar – the bar is underground so it gives it a unique vibe! However, they are not taking bookings, walk-ins only.

The café is open Monday to Saturday 11am until 10pm and Sunday 11am until 7pm. The cocktail bar is open Tuesday to Saturday from 8pm onwards.

4. The Alchemist 

Located on King Street, The Alchemist is famous for its impressive cocktails, which their website describes as ‘mystical’! Both drinks and food are served.

Their cocktails are some of the most creative I’ve ever seen, and the gothic themed décor of the bar matches the dark theme of the cocktails. You can book on their website, and they are operating on a first come first serve basis.

Gemma Cockrell 

Wollaton Hall image courtesy of It’s No Game via Flickr. Image license found here. Pitcher and Piano image courtesy of  Karen Bryan via Flickr. Image license found here. Highfields Park Image courtesy of Arran Bee via Flickr. Image license found here. Featured image courtesy of  Simon Collison via Flickr. Image license found hereNo changes were made to this image. 

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