UoN Releases Campus Covid Measures

The University of Nottingham have released a series of measures to keep campuses safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, the Government announced that, so far as it is possible, universities will be open in September.

Measures include:

Buildings will operate sign in and sign out routines, in order to control the flow of people and maintain social distancing.

One-way systems will also be in place, in lifts and staircases.

Lockers and toilets will have a new process of operation.

In smaller areas, such as laboratories, there will be a one-person, two-way system.

Signage in buildings will be in place to indicate the appropriate amount of people in the space available.

Certain areas will be closed to ensure that other spaces are safer.

Safety during this time remain’s ‘top priority’

Hand sanitiser and cleaning stations will be provided throughout open buildings.

Buildings will have cleaning materials readily available to use.

These measures will aim to help maintain social distancing at all times and will be in operation across the University’s three campuses in Nottingham.

Universities UK, the advocacy organisation for universities in the UK, have said that safety during this time remains ‘top priority’ and have also outlined principles that universities should consider in the emergence from lockdown.

You can access more information on the University’s measures here.

Safa Shahid

Featured image courtesy of Tim Dennell on Flickr. Image license found here. No changes were made to this Image.

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