UoN Jordanian Society Raises Hundreds For Beirut

Nadia Barakat

On the 4th August, two deadly explosions, caused by stored ammonium nitrate, shook the Lebanese capital of Beirut killing over 200 people, injuring thousands, and leaving nearly  300,000 people homeless.

The University of Nottingham’s Jordanian society felt like they could not be passive bystanders

This rare tragedy brought the capital to a complete halt, as the city’s residents were filled with emotion and fear. Lebanon is now not only fighting through a global pandemic, and an economic crisis, but also a humanitarian disaster.

As a result, the University of Nottingham’s Jordanian society felt like they could not be passive bystanders, launching the UoN Jordanian Society’s Beirut Disaster Relief fundraiser on JustGiving on the 13th August.

In an effort to ensure that the funds raised went directly to those who are truly in need, the Jordanian society decided on sending all donations to one charity. Smile & Olive Foundation (Basmeh & Zeitooneh), a UK registered charity, was eventually chosen as the recipient.

The society’s fundraiser has already seen huge success, much of which came in just the first day. Within 24 hours, £400 was raised and another £300 has been received since.

The fundraiser is still open and the Jordanian Society are really appreciative of any donations sent here.  

Nadia Barakat

Featured image courtesy of Nadia Barakat.  No changes were made to this Image.

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