“I Just Want Some Me Time.” The Rise Of Solo Travel

Robyn Walford

In recent years, solo trips have been on the increase with one in six (15%) people deciding to head off by themselves according to ABTA. Post lockdown, it was the second most common search related to holidays, and not just because we’d all had enough of each other after three long months of staying indoors.

Solo travel allows individuals to discover much about themselves, giving individuals complete freedom to do as they wish during their adventure – encouraging independence, confidence and responsibility.

One particular area that is flourishing is female solo travel market with a 52% increase across search engines between 2016 and 2017. With the heightened interest in going it alone, many travel companies and hostels have introduced features suitable for solo travellers whether that be group tours with other like-minded individuals or female only dorms in hostels, steps are being made all the time to holidaymakers feel safe regardless of their situation.

For those who have experienced the ‘gals holiday’, we all know how tough that can be

Freedom is one of the main reasons solo travel is on the rise, by jetting off on your own, you set your own itinerary, and for those who have experienced the ‘gals holiday’, we all know how tough that can be. Whether you want to spend the day at the beach or exploring the old town, it is completely on your terms. For example, I decided to spend a day hiking a mountain to visit a Monastery. There is no way my friends and family would want to do this with me…

Another crucial tool responsible for the increase in solo travel is the smartphone. Being able to contact others from wherever you are in the world makes you feel less lonely regardless of whether they are right next to you or an ocean away. Moreover, the ability to quickly check TripAdvisor or Maps is useful at any time but when you’re on your own, it adds an extra layer of comfort and safety. There are countless apps for solo travellers with tips for destinations and forums to meet like-minded people.

The majority of individuals will love the company too and you may even make friends for life.

Being on your own in new settings forces you out of your comfort zone but it also pushes you to meet new people and try new things. This is definitely the most exciting part of solo travel and what pulls people back time and time again. When you are on your own, you’re far more likely to interact with individuals you previously never would have, whether these be locals or other travellers. This will help increase your self-confidence in leaps and bounds, the majority of individuals will love the company too and you may even make friends for life.

Due to the vast increase in the number of individuals looking to travel by themselves, companies have started dropping the ‘solo surcharge’ and instead offering dramatic discounts for those wanting to jet off on their own. The flexibility of most solo travellers means they are up for spontaneity and can take advantage of last-minute deals. Whether you want to do it completely alone or as part of a group, solo travellers can be found in every corner of the globe.

Next time you want to take a trip, don’t wait to see if the others can get it off work, just book the flight and see where it takes you. Whilst holidays with partners and friends can always be fun, everyone should try and experience a solo adventure at least once (just be sure to take a tripod to ensure you still get the best holiday snaps!)

Robyn Walford

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