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Banksy Confirms Nottingham Wall Art

Crowds gather on the corner of Rothesay Avenue as Banksy confirms the art is his creation.
Aidan Hall

This morning, graffiti artist Banksy has confirmed a piece of art that appeared on Rothesay Avenue, Nottingham was created by him.

Posting on his Instagram, Banksy confirmed that the painting showing a young girl hula-hooping with a bike tire was a work of his. 

The art appeared on the outside of a beauty salon on the corner of Ilkeston Road and Rothesay Avenue on Wednesday morning. 

On Wednesday Nottingham City Council placed a temporary plastic covering over the work to protect it. 

A short time after the transparent film had been placed over the artwork, it was vandalised. Since then, however, and just in time for Banksy’s reveal, the vandal’s marks have been removed. 

It comes as the city remains the highest in the country for coronavirus infection rates, with some speculating Banksy could have chosen Nottingham for that reason.

Others have suggested that it may have a link to the prominent cycling community in Nottingham and the Raleigh bicycle company that opened in the city in 1887.

Today, crowds gathered round the wall art as many stood by to take photos. 

Aidan Hall

Image courtesy of Aidan Hall. 

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