Iconic Trio/Duo Costume Ideas

Lucy Tombs

Trying to choose what to go as for Halloween is hard enough when you are deciding just for yourself, let alone attempting the dreaded group costume! However, dressing up as a duo or trio is a great idea for Halloween as it brings together friends and gives groups that chance to embrace their silly side and make memories.

With Halloween approaching quickly, the pressure to choose what you and your bestie want to go as is rising and the stress can be scarier than Halloween itself! Lucky for you and your other half, these costume ideas will give you all the guidance you need.

Iconic Duo costumes

Nothing screams dynamic duo like an iconic matching Hallowe’en costume. So, grab your partner and get ready for some iconic couples that you can imitate this spooky season:

Bonnie & Clyde:

If you are a fan of true crime, then create the classic criminal duo of Bonnie and Clyde! For Clyde, wear a classic suit but ditch the blazer and instead wear suspenders and a fedora. Then for Bonnie, grab a midi-pencil skirt and wear it with a jumper and beret for the perfect look.

Buzz and woody:

Pixar’s loveable duo are the perfect pair and would make a great costume idea for this year. Awesome costumes can be bought online, or you can improvise by just dressing as a cowboy and a spaceman using items in your wardrobe.

Cher and Dionne from Clueless:

This sassy 90s duo make the most fashionable pair around for any besties who want to look super stylish this Hallowe’en. Cher’s classic yellow plaid outfit is totally in right now and Dionne’s iconic white hat makes for the perfect costume centrepiece.

Mario & Luigi:

The iconic video game heroes make the perfect costumes for both couples and besties this Hallowe’en. Mario and Luigi are sure to turn heads this Halloween and are always a great way to make people laugh. A pair of dungarees with some green and red t-shirts and a fake moustache is all it takes to create this look.

Iconic Trio costumes:

If three is your magic number, then going as an iconic trio is the perfect idea for this Hallowe’en!

Harry potter trio:

I mean, is this not the first group that comes to mind when you think of iconic trio? It is a classic and will never disappoint. The wands, black robes and scarfs are all you really need to put together this spell binding look and morph yourself into a wizarding Hogwarts student.

The Mean Girls:

If Harry Potter didn’t spring to mind, then surely Mean girls did! Regina George, Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners form the Plastics and are an excellent way to be scary this season and still look cute! Pink is the key to mimicking their style: pink skirts, pink crop tops and pink accessories should be worn at all times (despite what they say, it doesn’t have to be Wednesday to wear pink!)

Power Puff Girls:

If your trio is made up of contrasting personality types, then going as the Powerpuff Girls is a great option. Sugar, spice and everything nice makes these characters come to life and your costumes will be just as sweet! Simply create three matching outfits but change the colours from blue, to pink, to green and you are ready to go.

So get your friends together and create an iconic group ensemble!

Lucy Tombs

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