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Single Review: New Releases Roundup – Easy Life, Chase Atlantic and The Lathums

Gemma Cockrell

Gemma shares with us her take on some of the newest releases from the music scene, breaking down tracks from Easy Life, Chase Atlantic and The Lathums.


Molly – Chase Atlantic:

Chase Atlantic’s second single under their new label ‘Fearless Records’, Molly captures everything that fans have come to expect from the Australian trio both lyrically and sonically, as well as capturing the likely reasons that fans fell in love with the band in the first place.

Themes of love and drugs are prevalent in the band’s discography, and Molly is not an anomaly to this. The song is about a tumultuous and turbulent relationship, including the blissful highs and the difficult lows. However, the lyrics can be interpreted in various different ways, as they could be about a relationship with a person, or a relationship with drugs and substance abuse. This is apparent from the title of the track – Molly could be a girl, but it could also easily be referring to the drug MDMA, which is commonly known as Molly.

Molly is a dreamy, shimmering, smooth, mellow and melancholy track

One of the most interesting and captivating things about Chase Atlantic is the fact that they have two vocalists in their line-up – both Mitchel Cave and Christian Anthony. However, it is impossible to forget their third and final member, Clinton Cave, who brings his own unique element to the band with his smooth and soulful saxophone solos.

Their genre-defying approach to music, fusing and blending trap music with psychedelic alternative R&B, continues to be successful. Molly is a dreamy, shimmering, smooth, mellow and melancholy track, a tone of music which Chase Atlantic are well-known for. The release date for their upcoming album, their first for ‘Fearless Records’, is still unknown, but if Molly is anything to go by, the album will remain loyal and true to Chase Atlantic’s roots – and fans are guaranteed to love it.

I See Your Ghost – The Lathums:

I See Your Ghost is the first taste of Wigan 4-piece The Lathum’s upcoming EP ‘Ghosts’. With a handful of EPs already under their belt, they have already defined themselves as one of the most exciting upcoming indie bands.

If you have listened to their music before, then this song may not be exactly what you’d expect from them, and it might take you by surprise. Indie guitar bands run the risk of become stuck in a rut, as many end up recreating the same song or album again and again, but not The Lathums. They are not afraid to experiment and take risks, in fact they thrive off doing so.

However, despite experimenting, the band have remained true to their indie roots, evident by the grooving baseline, the classic indie-rock percussion, and the explosive and unique guitar solo in the second half of the song. This ensures that indie fans will still love it – it is very much still an indie tune, but with additional influence from the genres of reggae and ska.

They have already defined themselves as one of the most exciting upcoming indie bands

One of the most striking aspects of the track is the impressively fast paced vocals by lead singer Alex Moore. After their TV debut performance on ‘BBC 2’s Jools Holland Show’, Moore proved that these vocals are no difficulty for him to perform live, as they sounded just as impressive live as they do on the studio version.

This song marks The Lathums as one of the most refreshing and exciting upcoming indie bands in recent years. Being unafraid to take risks and experiment is what makes them so special. They are still relatively early in their career, and they haven’t even released a debut album yet, but their fanbase is growing rapidly. 2020 has been coined their breakout year, and there is no doubt that their future is a bright one.

Daydreams – Easy Life:

Daydreams is the first taste of Leicester 5-piece Easy Life’s highly-anticipated and long-awaited debut album. A re-imagination of Aretha Franklin’s 1972 song Day Dreaming, Easy Life have transformed this soul classic into a modern take of escapism from the current state of reality.

Frontman Murray Matravers summarises the single in the simple, relatable statement: ‘’Like most of us, I’ve spent the whole year sat at home daydreaming about a possible alternate reality”. ”Born out of boredom and idleness’’, it perfectly summarises what existence has felt like during 2020. This is captured through both the lyrics and instrumentation of the song.

The slow and melancholy tone of the song is a staple of Easy Life’s music, and it is a formula which they have mastered and perfected since they burst onto the scene with their debut single Pockets in 2017. Opening the song with the chorus is a key element of this formula – an element that works effectively once again for them.

It perfectly summarises what existence has felt like during 2020

The lyric ‘’Day drinking just for something to do’’ is sure to hit home for many people, specifically students, since the introduction of the 10pm lockdown curfew. With limits put on going out for drinks in the evening, this has only resulted in people opting to drink during the day instead. Clearly, Easy Life are experiencing 2020 in exactly the same way as the rest of us, resulting in Daydreams being a highly relatable listen.

This track is sure to increase the fans excitement for their debut album, whilst also holding them over until it’s release (despite the release date still being an unannounced mystery). A nonchalant, easy-going track, with a wistful and mellow tone, this is Easy Life at their absolute best.

Gemma Cockrell

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