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Gemma Cockrell

This term has proven difficult for societies due to COVID-19 restrictions, meaning they are unable to run their usual face-to-face events and socials. This has meant they have had to brainstorm new and innovative ways to keep their members engaged, and keep the community alive during a time when, arguably, we all need it the most.

Art Soc have managed to find a way to thrive despite the restrictions, successfully arranging exciting and unique events, despite not being able to meet face-to-face. The committee were determined to keep members creative and active during this term. To do this, they have enlisted the assistance of qualified art teacher Katie Sandoval, who has over 10 years of experience. She is a practising artist at Backlit Studios in Nottingham, and portraiture is one of her specialities. She will be running classes fortnightly on Zoom for students during this term, focused on portraiture, from 7-9pm on Tuesday evenings. Each class will cost £3 for members of the society to attend, and £5 for non-members.

During the weeks where Katie will not be running classes, instead there are (free!) ‘Chill with Art Soc’ sessions. There is a theme to each session, but these are more relaxed sessions, where you are able to draw at your own pace, and chat to the other members of the society. These generate a sense of community, as you are able to meet and get to know new people, who have a common interest with you. The themes are very easy to follow, with prompts given throughout the session to inspire you. These also take place on Tuesday at 7-9pm on Zoom. Through running the events on Zoom, the community aspect of the society is still very much alive, and the events run just as smoothly and are just as enjoyable as if they were being held face-to-face.

It’s a great boredom buster, especially if you want to make some art, but are unsure of what to draw or paint

The committee are also posting weekly drawing prompts on their Facebook Page, so that members also have the option to keep creative outside of the Tuesday Zoom sessions. If you can’t attend the Tuesday Zoom session, this means that you are still able to get involved with the society in your own time. It’s a great boredom buster, especially if you want to make some art, but are unsure of what to draw or paint, and are running low on inspiration. If you draw something related to these weekly prompts, your work can be shared on the Facebook Page, or on Instagram under the hashtag #UoNArtSocPrompt.

The Facebook Page is essential to Art Soc. At the end of each session, you are encouraged to share your work on the Facebook Page – this can be done anonymously if you are shy! This means that you will be able to see the artwork that other members of the society have done during the sessions. It is also where you can find out about the future events that are happening, and where you will find the Zoom links to join them. The Facebook Page will be linked at the end of the article if you are interested in joining it.

Everyone is welcome to the society, regardless of whether you are a dedicated artist, or someone who is just starting out – the events are enjoyable for all skill levels. A membership can be purchased from the Student Union website. Memberships cost £4 for one year and £5 for three years.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@uonartsoc) and purchase your membership here!

Gemma Cockrell

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