Team Impact’s Favourite Cities

Rebecca Cox, Rebecca Herman, Charlotte Smith and Robyn Walford

In honour of World Cities Day today, Impact Travel’s editor and contributors share their favourite cities from across the world. Get a notebook ready to expand your bucket list!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I was in Dubrovnik only for one day and one night at the age of fourteen, but I came away with enough of a lasting impression that it remains my favourite city to this day. One of the most impressive walled cities in the world, the unspoilt, walking-only ‘Old Town’ area of Dubrovnik is steeped in history, culture, plazas and side streets.

Once you’ve explored this, take a walk along the walls overlooking the trademark orange roofs of the buildings below you, while the crystal clear, warm blue Adriatic Sea twinkles invitingly on your other side. We whiled away some time watching from the wall as carefree groups jumped from the dramatic cliffs at the city’s edge into the sea below. While I hadn’t watched Game of Thrones at the time, it is obvious to me now why this unique city is the home of King’s Landing. I can only hope I can one day return for a longer time, and even more fully absorb this stunning city.

Charlotte Smith

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is a city like no other. Embedded in the rolling foothills near the centre of Israel, Jerusalem is both the geographical and spiritual middle of the country. As you wind down the Jerusalem-stone streets and alleyways (a unique limestone native to the city), your senses will heighten as you take in the amazing surroundings. The smell of the aromatic species and fruity shisha fill your nostrils as your mouth begins to water – getting ready for your falafel lunch that awaits you. Lathered in humus and spicy green chillies, your falafel is a meal like no other; washed down by a Shoko – a deliciously rich chocolate milk that is drunk from a bag!

After an action-packed day, you look around to take in the melting-pot of cultures, vibrant colours and iridescent ancient buildings

The distance sound of the call to prayers and passionate haggling in the market wakes you from your food coma. You make your way down to the Western Wall and can almost feel thousands of years of history in the palm of your hand just by looking at it. After an action-packed day, you look around to take in the melting-pot of cultures, vibrant colours and iridescent ancient buildings which glimmer golden in the sunset. Jerusalem is an exciting and special time capsule of the past, waiting for you to explore it.

Rebecca Herman

Granada, Spain

Greeted by the beautiful Alhambra set alongside the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this beautiful city, tucked away in the heart of Andalusia where I was lucky enough to study for a semester. While the cities’ crowning jewel is the magnificent Alhambra, I would often find myself lost amongst the whitewashed houses of the Albaicín, visiting the Arabic baths, taking picnics up to the pretty ‘miradores’ (viewpoints) with friends, watching flamenco in the Romani caves of Sacromonte and indulging in the city’s tapas culture!

I’m always dreaming about my next visit!

Like the rest of Spain, Granada loves a party so my favourite time to visit it was during the city’s fair in early Summer or for one the many festivals. With great food, lovely people, easy UK connections and so much to see and do from skiing one day, to heading to the beach the next, to visiting neighbouring towns such as Ronda or Seville, I’m always dreaming about my next visit!

Rebecca Cox

Wellington, New Zealand

Built around the harbour, the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington (Te Whanganui-a-Tara in Maori) is an amazing city. I found myself there on multiple occasions during my year abroad in New Zealand. I love the vibrancy of the area; the street art, the hustle and bustle down Cuba Street thrift stores. Whilst there is the CBD, it is easy to forget you’re in the capital city because of the beaches and harbour!

A place of rich culture and arts, Wellington is home to many galleries and museums. At the bottom of the North Island, the capital is a popular starting destination for Backpackers, offering a layer of diversity and excitement to the area. Whether you’re looking for an inner-city beach, a hike up Mt Victoria, or a thrift shopping spree, Wellington has something for everyone.

Robyn Walford

Featured image courtesy of Rebecca Herman. In-article images courtesy of Rebecca Cox, Rebecca Herman, Charlotte Smith and Robyn Walford. No changes were made to the images.

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