Kess’ Cozy Music Corner #16: Halima

Kess Leung

Struggling to find that new artist to fall in love with? Fear not, our contributor Kess Leung is here with the latest and greatest musical recommendations each week. Nigerian R&B starlet Halima, and her groovy antidotes to contemporary disarray, take this edition’s spotlight.

Hailing from London and Lagos, burgeoning self-produced artist Halima, already has an eclectic discography beneath her hat. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Destiny’s Child and Erykah Badu, the now New York native’s relationship with music blossomed from childhood frolics at her grandmother’s house. However, the tipping point that would help her pursue her dream, came after traveling across the Atlantic.

Here, the artist found herself in an environment surrounded by others who were interested in getting involved in her creative craft. Since the move, Halima has been set on a trailblazing career. Having released seven successful singles that have put her on the map, the singer has accumulated a dedicated fanbase, solidifying her mark on the industry.

Groovy beats drive the R&B inspired bedroom-pop track – Do Better, following the Lo-Fi trend that dominated the bigger part of 2019. As she seamlessly transitions between rapping and singing, Halima’s vocals exhibit a soulful, debonair-esque colour, and demonstrate her remarkable vocal versatility.

“Homegirl do do less / Why ya gone do do that, when you can do better / Don’t, don’t prove you da best, it’s gonna cause you stress / Don’t mess with that,” she saunters. Whilst the lyrics are simple, the introspective track is a timely ode to one’s own self-worth. At a time of constant doubt, the underlying message speaks personally to the listener framing the song as a comforting anthem, perfect for the current blanket of uncertainty.

Fused with a powerful bridge and heartfelt lyrics, the song is a nostalgic reminder of the singer’s past lover that has seemingly left her behind

Adopting a slower and minimalistic approach, Halima’s second single, the track Ford Cardinal reminisces on a lost love and complicated relationship: “I found some loose change in the backseat of my ford / Reminded me of the time when we’d chill on the board.” 

Here, accompanied by a magnetic hook, Halima’s melodious and silky vocals produce a refreshingly rich tone. Fused together with a powerful bridge and heartfelt lyrics, the song is a nostalgic reminder of the singer’s past lover that has seemingly left her behind. While the piece is not of the happiest experience, it is still a casual melody that is perfect to vibe to.

With such originality and ingenuity hard to come by, Halima’s artistry is a rare find. As the artist navigates through a discography that is at once delicate and powerful, the messages expressed through her music become increasingly poignant, with fans able to see images of themselves reflected back at them. Now an independent artist, and with buckets of untapped potential, I am excited to see what she has in store for us next.

Kess Leung

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