Style Staples To Gift This Christmas

Lucy Tombs

Everyone’s styles are different and unique, which is great! However, it can make it difficult to know what to buy someone who has a completely different vibe to you! This Christmas give the gift of a style staple with these necessities for anyone and everyone’s wardrobes! The following items are what I would consider to be essentials for anyone’s closet this winter and are must-haves for your stocking this festive season!

  1. Face Masks

We have to kick off this list of style presents with what has arguably been the biggest style staple of the year… the humble face mask! If you want to try something different then why not opt for a silk mask which helps to prevent the dreaded ‘mascne’. With there being so many options out there, there is bound to be the perfect mask for your gift recipient!

  1. Beanies

With the weather getting colder we are all having to bundle up to keep warm this winter. Beanies are the perfect accessory for December days and won’t put you out of pocket as they can be bought for under £10 (perfect for a Secret Santa budget)

I am a firm believer that socks are an amazing present!

  1. The Shacket

The shacket is totally in this winter! Level up the layering game with the shirt/jacket combo piece. My favourite options are from Zara, but you can get them from any shop if you are being price conscious.

  1. Christmas socks

Now, socks may have a bad reputation for being a “lame” gift that your grandma always gives you. However, I am a firm believer that socks are an amazing present! Whether they are fuzzy and Christmas themed, or sport trainer socks, socks are a staple in anyone’s stocking.

Any type of fitness clothing would be a great present to kick start someone’s 2021

  1. Joggers


This year has really put joggers into the spotlight thanks to our fave Corona! If you’re really feeling generous this festive season, then you could even splash the cash on a matching jogger and jumper set! My favourite options are from Urban Outfitters, but there are loads of different choices out there.

  1. Gym-wear

As we head into the new year lots of people are making resolutions to get back into the fitness game. Any type of fitness clothing would be a great present to kick start someone’s 2021. From splashing out on some new trainers to getting something cheaper like a sports bra, this gift is perfect for this time of year.

  1. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are a staple in anyone’s hair wardrobe this winter and are a fun way to spice up a simple ponytail! These can be bought as a bunch or singularly and are a perfect stocking filler.

  1. Layering necklaces

Basic, elegant jewellery can be layered together to create a gorgeous look without it being too over-done. This is a really chic way to shake up your day-to-day accessory look. For this gift you could purchase a singular necklace or buy a few so that they are ready to get layering!

So, get gift giving!

Lucy Tombs

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