Sex And The City Reboot: What Happens Next?

Rebecca Barton

It has been 11 years since we last checked in on the Sex and the City girls, and followed their leisurely lives of men, money, and navigating life in Manhattan. Shooting to prominence in 1998, the four protagonists helped to define a generation, as we witnessed their work and relationship exploits unfold in the Big Apple. This year, three of them are returning to our screens. I couldn’t help but wonder…what will happen next?

Entitled And Just Like That…, the reboot will centre on Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as middle-aged women in New York. Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, will not be joining the trio this time around. Samantha was last seen back in her old habits, living care-free as a single woman and enjoying the benefits. With all three of her friends married – and two with children – it was perhaps Samantha’s time to find herself, or to carry on living out her single fantasy. Whether she will be written out is uncertain, but Cattrall has definitely made it clear that she will not be returning.

The question remains, is the show relevant anymore?

So, what will have changed? With the premise of Sex and the City largely centering around young women dealing with relationship issues in the 1990s, we can expect a different take on the now older ladies experiencing big city life in a digital age? Where we are accustomed to seeing Carrie Bradshaw use a payphone and hail a yellow cab in her fabulous shoes, we might instead expect her to be FaceTiming her girlfriends on her new iPhone whilst ordering an Uber as she chooses which pair of Louboutins to wear.

As for upgrading, will Mr Big still be on the scene? Their complicated relationship as the “It Couple” of the noughties caused drama and tears for Carrie even on their wedding day, and Big served as the archetypal emotionally unavailable man, who never appeared to provide her with what she wanted. Characteristically tumultuous, their relationship was never an easy ride, and in a new world of online dating and ease of connecting with new people, will they have lasted?

Considering the modernisation that has taken place since the show first aired, the question remains, is the show relevant anymore? Although fun to watch, the reality is that for millennials it is increasingly difficult and more expensive to just live in any big city, let alone lead a lavish lifestyle that focuses on fashion and friends whilst doing so. With the way of life mostly unattainable and potentially out of touch, especially noting that the characters will now be in their fifties, it is unclear how relatable and enjoyable the show will be.

The show in itself is dated, with Carrie’s blatant biphobic comments, alongside the stereotypical “gay best friend” characters that the girls ‘wore as accessories’, with no real storyline of their own. Now that we are in 2021, hopefully we will be waving goodbye to these problematic concepts, and instead be welcoming a more diverse take on the New York City lifestyle.

Sexually liberated, strong and independent fifty-somethings in Manhattan is what the show needs

Although Sex and the City is outdated and at times inappropriate, we can anticipate that And Just Like That… will address issues that are pertinent to today. Sexually liberated, strong and independent fifty-somethings in Manhattan is what the show needs. Whether for Miranda that is by continuing her dream law firm job, or for Charlotte by being the devoted wife and mother she always wished to be, it does not matter. Whatever happens, fans are looking forward to watching the girls regroup and decide which Fendi bag goes with their outfit, whilst no doubt providing us with the nostalgia and entertainment that we have missed.

Rebecca Barton

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