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Single Review: Jay Naylor – Roger That

Gemma Cockrell

Up-and-coming Nottingham based musician Jay Naylor’s latest single Roger That is set for release on 5/2/21. This follows his debut single, Little Orange Men, which was featured on BBC Introducing East Midlands.

He is heavily inspired by rock bands such as Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, which can be inferred from the minute-long guitar instrumental introduction of the track, played by Naylor himself. The outro to the track is also a minute-long guitar instrumental, resulting in a large portion of the three-and-a-half-minute long track being made up of extended instrumental sections.

In the minute and a half between the instrumental introduction and the outro of the track, the guitars are more toned down, revealing the soft, soothing and angelically-tinged backing vocals of fellow Nottingham up-and-coming artist Charity Stow, providing a stark contrast to Naylor’s male vocals, as well as instilling an eerie and almost ghost-like atmosphere into the song.

Despite having very few lyrics, the track conveys its important and relevant message effectively

Lyrically, Roger That tackles the current state of our shared world, and the fact that anyone who truly looks at the situation can see that things desperately need to change moving forward. The song doesn’t follow the typical verse-chorus structure. Instead, it has one verse, which starts off with more gentle and understated vocals, building up to the urgent climax of “if you just look around you, you will realise what’s wrong”.

It therefore isn’t a song with a bold, sing-a-long anthemic chorus due to this unique structure. However, due to the verse being the only verse of the track, it is equally attention commanding as a chorus would be. Despite having very few lyrics, the track conveys its important and relevant message effectively.

Gemma Cockrell

Featured image courtesy of Jay Naylor. Image use granted to Impact by Jay Naylor. 

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