The Most Romantic Cities In The World…To Not Visit This Valentine’s Day

Photo of romantic looking bridge at night!
Rebecca Herman

Although the last twelve months haven’t given us the most luxurious and adventurous holidays, it doesn’t mean we can’t dream of quick getaways with our partners or friends for Valentine’s Day… 2022. While we sit in our living rooms on Zoom for another momentous day in the calendar, let your mind take you away to a hustling cobbled street in Europe or a white sandy beach somewhere tropical.

Take in the sweet smell of fresh rose petals which lay gently on your fresh white sheets and imagine the sensational heart shaped truffle melt into your tongue and takeover your senses. And, if 2020 has sucked all your emotions out of you and you are struggling to imagine paradise, look no further, here is the ultimate list of romantic cities for when that special holiday comes around…

Watch the red-hot sun sink behind the Eiffel Tower

  1. Paris

Photo of the Eiffel Tower

It would be fundamentally wrong to write about romantic cities on Valentine’s Day and not mention the City of Love. Rumour has it that the sheer atmosphere in Paris exudes so much romance, it is scientifically impossible not to fall in love. Picture this, the cool summer breeze sends chills down your spine as you cuddle closer to your loved one, who happens to be pouring your third glass of Rosé, fresh from the Clos Montmartre, a vineyard embedded deep in the city. You sip le vin (wine in French, because obviously you both got chatting to the waiter at dinner), and watch the red-hot sun sink behind the Eiffel Tower.

  1. Marrakech

Photo of sunset in Marrakesh

For those who are desperate to break out of Europe and elope further away from home, head to Marrakech! Now, typically when people hear the word Marrakech they automatically think of camels or hectic markets, but behind the dust and bright colours is a vibrant city waiting for you to explore it. Marrakech is simply the best of both worlds, you can go on adventure filled dates in the day, full of getting lost in the Medina or loosing track of time winding down the narrow alley ways, before heading to Crystal (a Michelin star restaurant in the heart of the city) for the most romantic candle lit dinner.

  1. Dubai

A photo of Dubai

I hate to be the one to bring up Dubai, just as we calm down after seeing every Love Island contestant gallivant there last month, but I have to say, when you learn about the beauty of Dubai, you may begin to understand why. If you and your lover are looking for an action-packed getaway with a luxury twist, then Dubai is definitely for you.

Go scuba diving and jet skiing, down water slides and see views from up high

Spend your days splashing around in the ocean or the many pools in the many hotels in the city. Go scuba diving, and jet skiing, down water slides and see views from up high. Then after a hot day of romance in the beating sun and a fancy dinner by the beach, head back to your suite in The Palm and soak into a nice warm bath whilst admiring the tropical fish on the wall next to you. No no, not a painting; this amazing hotel offers a tropical fish tank as a wall at the bargain price of only $19,650 per night. Nothing’s more romantic than fish, ey?

  1. Venice

A photo of the Venice Canals

And talking of fish and water, the next wonderfully loved-up city on this list is Venice, the perfect place to sail (or gondola) away into the horizon with the partner of your dreams. Everything about this quaint Italian city oozes warmth and lust through its colourful architecture and little traditional restaurants on every corner, with tea lights enclosed in little glass trinkets and an endless flow of Barolo and crusty bread. No need to hold a map in Venice, just grab your partners hand and let the city transport you into a state of love you never knew was possible to feel.

  1. Nottingham

A photo of University of Nottingham Trent building

Obviously, the elephant in the room and the city we were all thinking… Nottingham. I hate to be the one to bring you back to reality but let’s be real, Nottingham is probably the nearest city we will get to see this Valentine’s Day, so it’s probably about time we replace the visions of drunk, stumbling students with the visions of love. Once again, not to be the complete bearer of bad news but technically if you’re looking for a place to eat in this city, you will have to settle for a supermarket, but hey, it’s a special day so maybe make your way to M&S?

Sometimes cities can be a lot more pretty when the people are out of it!

But honestly, although it sucks to be stuck in Notts, don’t let that stop you from exploring; sometimes cities can be a lot more pretty when the people are out of it! Take the quietness of the city and head out on a COVID-friendly socially distanced walk. Nothing is more romantic than a snog from two metres away!

And just as quickly as Valentine’s Day came around, it’s passed! Whatever you do this year; whether it’s a Zoom date with the boyfriend or a Houseparty-party with the gals, don’t let it stop you dreaming of the breath-taking cities around the world which will soon be our oyster once again. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Rebecca Herman

Featured image courtesy of Léonard Cotte via Unsplash. Image license found here. No changes were made to the image.

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