“Intriguing and Creative” – TV Review: Death in Paradise Season 10

Gemma Cockrell

The 10th season of Death in Paradise continues to follow the typical plotline of the show: someone on the island of Saint Marie is murdered, and the Honoré Police Force must find the culprit. Rather than this concept becoming monotonous or boring, it continues to provide comfort in its regularity and satisfying endings, with each murder mystery as intriguing and creative as the last.

Ralf Little is the star of this season, as Detective Inspector Neville Parker. He was initially introduced in the previous season, but my first impression of him… it wasn’t great. Hailing from England, he was incredibly nervy and allergy prone, constantly complaining about the climate of the tropical Caribbean. However, (luckily) his character has come a long way since being introduced, and he has become much less irritating and much more likeable as he converts to Saint Marie life.

The only factor which threatens his likeability is the very strange plotline that develops towards the latter half of the season, which is centred around his potential love life. As a viewer, you cannot help but think that he is really not well-suited to the girl with whom the plot is setting him up. Even the suggestion of these two characters being together seems ridiculously far-fetched.

It is therefore impossible to predict whether Neville’s romance will work out for him

However, this plotline is not concluded during this season – it ends on a frustrating cliff-hanger. The show has a history of will-they-won’t-they relationships: take Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey (Sara Martins), for example. So, it is therefore impossible to predict whether Neville’s romance will work out for him.

At the beginning of the season, it was announced that Detective Sergeant Madeleine Dumas (Aude Legastelois-Bidé) and Officer Ruby Patterson (Shyko Amos) had both left Saint Marie to go to Paris. This left vacancies in the Honoré Police Force, resulting in the introduction of a brand-new character, as well as the return of a much-loved familiar face.

I think I would have struggled to wait an entire week for some answers

A highlight of the season was Episode 5 and Episode 6. A two-part special with a more complex and intense plotline, spanning a total run time of two hours overall, I was very grateful that the two episodes were aired within the same week. I think I would have struggled to wait an entire week for some answers! These episodes also saw the return of two familiar characters from previous seasons: one who exited the show in Season 4, and one who we witnessed the murder of in Season 3. The latter of which may seem confusing, but don’t worry – it will all make sense.

With the many cast changes, and appearances from characters both old and new, Season 10 of Death in Paradise proves that it is a show which can thrive regardless of the cast. Whoever joins the cast manages to do so with originality, whilst remaining true to spirit of the show. Even though it seems tragic when a character announces their departure, somehow, they always manage to introduce someone who you will learn to love just as much, even when you believe this to be impossible.

Additionally, unlike some other detective series, Death in Paradise doesn’t take itself too seriously. You will become captivated by each and every murder investigation, but the show will also keep you laughing at the same time – for a detective show, it is a relatively light-hearted watch. With it being set on a beautiful Caribbean island, it is the perfect opportunity for some much-needed escapism right now.

4 stars

Gemma Cockrell

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