Snow-Stopping Outfits To Wear This Winter

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Lucy Tombs

This winter has proven to be a cold one, with lots of the UK seeing snow throughout this year so far. Many of us may see the snow as a barrier to what we can wear, and yes, trying to balance staying warm with staying on trend can be difficult, but it is not impossible! There are lots of style tips that can help us create the perfect ‘snow-stopping’ outfit. From loading up on layering, to the colours that will help pull your outfit together, this article will help you to navigate the world of snow style. 

All About Layering

bundle up and wear a fleece…under a jumper…under a coat and more

This winter laying has been on everyone’s minds. From the emergence of the “shacket”, to the reign of blazers, everyone has been trying their hand at layering before facing the snow. My favourite layering style this winter has got to be a casual hoodie, underneath the shacket. This laid-back style will keep you nice and toasty, whilst also showing off your effortless styling skills.

One of the beautiful aspects to layering is there are no rules for how many layers one can wear. You have full control over your layers so feel free to bundle up and wear a fleece…under a jumper…under a coat and more!


Chunky Boots

add a splash of grunge to fit the vibes of a gloomy day

Chunky boots have been all over Instagram this snow season, and for good reason too. These are the perfect shoes to sport this February, as they provide grip against icy surfaces, quality ankle support, and are also great for insulating your feet.

They make a great accompaniment to any outfit and add a splash of grunge to fit the vibes of a gloomy day. A significant trend has been the pocket detail boot which has been endorsed by a plethora of influencers such as Molly-Mae Hague!


Muted Greys and Whites

Simple colours have been all the rage this winter, and for those of us in the snow, muted greys and whites are the ideal colours to wear! These crisp, clean colours are ideal for getting that perfect photograph in the snow as they have cool undertones that match to the cold and icy environment.

You can even blend different tones of white and grey together to give your look more depth. Perhaps, try a white jumper paired with a grey overcoat and a cream scarf.

Wearing a hat prevents us from losing up to 50% of our body heat!

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Beanies and mittens

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but nothing finishes the perfect snow look like a pair of gloves and a cute hat. Mittens have a singular pocket for four of our fingers which allows them to share insulated heat and thus, can be a warmer option than gloves.  

Puffer coats are truly a gift sent from above

A sleek and stylish, beanie hat can be thrown on top of any outfit as a final touch; I have recently been loving beige and pink colours for my hats. Hats are a really important accessory to wear when going out into the snow. They make a surprising difference to how warm we stay. According to Harvard University, wearing a hat prevents us from losing up to 50% of our body heat!


Puffer Coats

Puffer coats are truly a gift sent from above, and I will be forever grateful that they have come back in style. These coats are a must-have for anyone looking to be on trend and to stay warm this winter. These coats range in length and design and provide room for your creative and unique style to be expressed. Some people opt for long, full-length puffer jackets, whilst others go for a cropped version.

These items also vary in price and can be bought at very affordable prices from ASOS. Or alternatively, if you are wanting to invest in a quality puffer jacket, I would personally recommend Aritzia which stocks a variety of their iconic Super Puff Jackets. 

Lucy Tombs

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