Décor Ideas to Elevate Your Student Room and Your Mood

Anna Stacey

Unfortunately, we’ve all had to spend a lot more time in our rooms at the moment than we would have liked. Given that university accommodation rooms are frankly uninspiring and overwhelmingly white or grey in furnishings, they’re not doing anything to boost our mood. Here are some simple décor ideas to elevate dull rooms into cosy and inspiring havens.

If you’re anything like me when you hear ‘hygge’ you immediately think of fluffy cushions and candles

Sunshine on a rainy day

Adding touches of yellow and gold is a simple way to add joy to a room as the warm tones catch the sunlight. Yellow and gold work really well in a space that has light brown or wooden furniture since brown has a yellow/orange base so the tones complement each other, but this colour scheme would also work well in a mostly white room. What’s good about this décor design is that there is no need to have a complete room revamp – only a few simple touches of these sunshine colours is enough to have an impact. Gold touches can be added without breaking the bank, with Wilko offering a £4.00 gold dish which could be used for storage, or Dunelm’s flower shaped statement cushion for £10.00. If you prefer to shop smaller there are plenty of options online such as Sun and Day who have a lovely gold shell trinket dish and this funky leopard vase from Lisa Angel.

Hygge Haven

If you’re anything like me when you hear ‘hygge’ you immediately think of fluffy cushions and candles. If that’s what makes you feel cosy and content, then you would be spot on. Hygge is a Danish word meaning ‘a quality of cosiness (=feeling warm, comfortable, and safe)’. So, not everyone’s version of hygge is going to be the same – it’s about what makes you feel content. The Danes recommend candles to create hygge, with 85% of Danes saying that they are essential. However, thanks to student accommodation rules candles might not be on your list for uni essentials, but the same effect can be made with LED tealights in colourful tealight holders. Hygge is a lifestyle choice including eating comfort foods and wearing relaxed clothes, but creating your own unique décor that brings you joy is a great way to manifest the hygge life.

If you’re after a less bold pattern, gingham is proving very fashionable at the moment 

Ivy League

I remember walking into a girl’s room at pres on the first night of freshers and her having this amazing wall of fake ivy. It covered up the otherwise very blank space and made an instant impact. You can also get fake rose and other floral wall hangings, but sometimes fake flowers can look very unrealistic, while fake ivy can look more convincing because of its simple shape and naturally shiny surface. You can get an authentic looking ivy trellis, but there are fairy light versions as well. Furthermore, the colour green has a calming effect, which may help alleviate moments of coursework stress. Paired with some houseplants on your windowsill, you’ll have yourself a peaceful haven.

Plaid? As if!

A favourite of Cher in Clueless, plaid patterns give an academic vibe which may help you remember that you are in fact still at uni even if classes are all online. Plaid has been used by preppy individuals as well as punks, making it a versatile fabric to fit and style. If you’re after a less bold pattern, gingham is proving very fashionable at the moment after the increased popularity of ‘cottagecore’ during lockdown perhaps due to Taylor Swift’s Folklore and the desire for countryside escapism. If you’re a fan of the check design, the start of term trip favourite: Ikea, has many options such as this blue and white design.

An attempt to match those curtains

Finally, a slightly alternative approach to uni accommodation. The curtains in University of Nottingham owned accommodation can be, well…questionable. You could choose to ignore the jazziness of the curtains and get on with your own aesthetic (and fair enough if you do) but the alternative could be to embrace them. By choosing the same colour for your décor, the curtains may no longer stand out and somehow subtly blend into your overall look. An easy way to achieve this is by getting a throw blanket for your bed in the same hue. You could also get fairy lights in the same colour to finish the look.

Anna Stacey

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