Waterstones Is Open! Here’s What You Should Buy

Maisie Garvin

The opening of non – essential retail this month is just one step closer to normality for everyone. For myself, and I am sure fellow bookworms, visiting a bookshop is high on the priority list. There is a certain thrill in aimlessly browsing the sections in Waterstones that ordering from Amazon just hasn’t fulfilled over the past months. With this in mind, here are a couple of books I would recommend adding to the never-ending list of ‘to be reads’, for a first trip back to Waterstones.

First up The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, a book I read months ago and still find myself thinking about. It’s available in Waterstones in the Bloomsbury Modern Classics edition which is a stunningly timeless cover. The narrative is a retelling of the Trojan war, set in Greece in the age of heroes and yet, no interest or passion in Ancient Greek history is needed to throw yourself into this story. Miller writes her story from the perspective of Patroclus, an awkward and exiled Greek prince who befriends Achilles, the son of King Peleus whose court Patroclus finds himself living within. Miller’s prose is achingly beautiful and the way she writes the love story from beginning to end is heart wrenching, a definite tearjerker!

The first instalment, Shadow and Bone is the perfect atmospheric build up to a fantastic fantasy trilogy

The Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo has to have an honourable mention on this list to coincide with the release of the Netflix Original series based on the books, premiering this week. Although I personally found the first book rather unoriginal, the protagonist Alina is an ‘ordinary girl’ with untapped powers, this, a trope readers of YA fantasy are no strangers too, I encourage you to stick with the series. The first instalment, Shadow and Bone is the perfect atmospheric build up to a fantastic fantasy trilogy that enraptures you in a world of Russian kings, magic and religion.

As we get into the spring and summer months, the perfect pick is an easy and light romance read. The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary genuinely made me laugh out loud. I am an avid reader of the romance genre and enjoyed that O’Leary brought a completely new spin to the friends to lovers’ trope. The book is told from a dual narrative perspective of the two main characters, Tiffy and Leon. Tiffy desperately needs a place to live, and Leon desperately needs extra cash, the perfect solution is a flat share and with Leon working night – shifts they never even have to meet. This book brings a reader along on a crazy ride of obsessive ex – boyfriends, workplace shenanigans and dysfunctional families. I also spotted O’Leary’s 2021 release, The Switch, whilst in Waterstones and I picked that one up for myself!

Maisie Garvin

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