Be The Change – Petitions To Sign This May

Daisy Forster and Anna Friel

At Impact, we recognise the importance of using your voice to make the world a better place. One of the ways we can do this is by signing petitions. In order to ‘Be The Change’ we want to see in the world in 2021, we have decided to compile a monthly list of important petitions for you to sign. Requiring no more than 5 minutes of your time, here are our May selections!

USA – Pressure Israel to end its systematic violations against Palestinians

The 11 days of hostilities that took place in recent weeks left a death toll of 232 Palestinians and 12 Israelis. Fortunately, a ceasefire was agreed and took effect on 21st May.

However, this does not mean an end to the systematic abuse that is carried out by the Israeli government against the Palestinians. If the issues of dispossession and discrimination are not resolved, it is unlikely that this will be the last bout of violence in the region.

Amnesty International believes that the actions of Israel are a violation of both human rights and international law. Retaliation from some Palestinian groups have also fallen under the category of war crimes.

This petition calls on the American government to publicly denounce:

  1. All Israeli settlements and expansion into Palestinian territory
  2. The Blockade of Gaza
  3. Institutionalised discrimination against Palestinians

Follow this link to sign the petition.

Protect freedom of expression in Nigeria

The fight against police brutality in Nigeria with the recent #EndSARS protests has illuminated the power of young Nigerians as they struggle to protect their rights. Now, their freedom of expression online is also under threat, with new bills coming in to restrict social media content.

Take action against this injustice by following this link.

UK Government: Ban supertrawlers and bottom trawlers in the UK’s Marine Protected Areas

Despite Marine Protected Areas being protected, huge, destructive ships are still allowed to fish in these areas of our seas.

Greenpeace believes that they should not be allowed to fish in ocean sanctuaries as they pose a threat to endangered species such as dolphins and porpoises.

Sign this petition to call on the UK government to support local fishing communities and put a stop to this threat to our marine ecosystems.

Follow this link to sign the petition. 

Close army barracks asylum camps

Many asylum seekers are being housed in camps located in former army barracks that are heavily overcrowded and unsafe. They have been repeatedly deemed unsuitable and have suffered numerous COVID outbreaks, leaving the inhabitants extremely vulnerable. Mental health has deteriorated amongst residents and there have been multiple suicide attempts.

Follow this link to sign the petition and ensure they are given safer living conditions.

UoN: Condemn the ethnic cleansing and brutalisations in Palestine

UoN Islamic and Palestinian Societies have called on UoNSU to make a statement regarding the conflicts in Palestine, as they have done on previous social justice issues.

They would like to SU to:

  • Make an open statement condemning the eviction, persecution, killing and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians as recognised by the UN and International Humanitarian law.
  • Recognise the sanctity of places of worship and the need for them to be respected and protected, in light of the attack on the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.
  • Prove assurances and security to Palestinian students who continue to be impacted.
  • Stop the promotion of events and stalls that condone the IDF’s actions when they starkly oppose the university’s morals.
  • Take a stance of solidarity against these crimes, as they have done with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Find the petition here.

 Stop a new attack on the rules that protect the environment

The government is planning to overhaul the way it considers the environment when making and implementing laws. The current environmental principles that underpin our laws have brought about many positive changes, such as securing a UK ban on bee-harming pesticides and bringing in new laws requiring businesses to increase the amount of packaging they recycle.

They are now under threat of being weakened, but the government is consulting on its new plans.

Sign the petition using this link to let your voice be heard in the effort to protect and improve these environmental principles.

Daisy Forster and Anna Friel

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