This Notts Student Is Attempting To Break A World Record For The Hospital Saving His Sister

Sam's sister, Sienna (left) and Sam (right) pictured at Radford Recreation Ground.
Aidan Hall

Second-year University of Nottingham Physics and Astronomy student, Sam Gladding, will, on the 18th of June, attempt to break a world record in pursuit of donations to support the hospital in New Zealand currently treating his sister for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Sam, 20, will attempt to break the record for the number of consecutive ‘Murph’s’ in a 24-hour period. The exercise, named after US Navy SEAL Michael Murphy, who died while on tour in Afghanistan, consists of a 1-mile run followed by 200 press-ups, 300 squats, 100 pull-ups, and finally another 1-mile run.

“What if my body breaks down at 12 hours?”

The current world record, standing at 18 repetitions in 24 hours, is technically unofficial. Sam told Impact that he has contacted Guinness World Records asking if the 24-hour Murph could be added to their official list, only to have his request rejected.

Official or not, Sam will be going into effectively “uncharted territory” in terms of Murph endurance challenges and the sheer strain on his body. “What if my body breaks down at 12 hours?”, he joked while talking to Impact. Nevertheless, Sam says he is feeling “pretty confident” that he can beat the current record.

Sam will be begin the challenge at 6am on Friday 18th of June under a small gazebo at Radford Recreation Ground and welcomes anyone to come along to support him.

The page to donate to Sam’s fundraiser can be found here.

Aidan Hall

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