SZA Releases Three Surprise Songs Onto A Mysterious SoundCloud Account

Daria Paterek

Last Sunday, R&B icon SZA released three new songs: Joni, I Hate You and Nightbird. However, rather than being released on her official Spotify page, they appeared on an anonymous Soundcloud account. Daria tells us everything we know about these mysterious songs. 

SZA released the songs on an anonymous SoundCloud account simply titled ‘.’ which stated that it was based in ‘nowhere, United States’. However, she acknowledged that she is in fact the person behind the account, sharing the link on her official Twitter account, claiming that she is just “dumping random thoughts”. 

The release was met with shock and delight by her dedicated fanbase, who were ecstatic about the release of new music. However, fans also expressed their impatience for SZA’s second studio album. Despite SZA releasing singles (Good Days/Hit Different) and collaborations (Kiss Me More), SZA’s last album release was ‘Ctrl’ back in 2017.

The track I Hate You is a relaxed but sensual piece about a toxic relationship, which showcases SZA’s vocal ability. With 23.3k likes on Soundcloud, the song is the most liked one of the three, with the lyrics “And if you wondered if I hate? you (F*ck you) / Sh*tty of you to make me feel just like this / What I would do to make? you feel just like this?”

All of the tracks demonstrate SZA’s vocal abilities and versatility, making her fans crave more

Meanwhile, Joni is a heartfelt and emotional ballad, as SZA and the instrumentals are reminiscent of her 2020 track Good Days. Finally, Nightbird is a chilled track, perfect for Autumn evenings. All of the tracks demonstrate SZA’s vocal abilities and versatility, making her fans crave more.

In later tweets, SZA admitted that her astrology reader inspired her to publish the tracks. SZA has previously been very vocal on Twitter about her passion for astrology.

She also confirmed that her new song Shirt, which was featured at the end of her Good Days music video, will be her next release. 

If her new album follows the same elements that made the Soundcloud trio release so magical, it will undoubtedly be the same hit as ‘Ctrl’, which has not left the Billboard 200 despite being released over four years ago.

Daria Paterek

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