Interview: Fuzzy Sun

Alice Busvine

Fuzzy Sun are fresh faces onto the Stockport music scene, and since their debut, the band has managed to captivate both an infectious and soul-infused sound. Now, we see the exciting release of their new single Fake It ahead of their EP, in what promises to mark an exciting time in the journey of the band. Alice Busvine caught up with singer and guitarist Kyle Ross to delve into the backstory of the band and what’s in store for Fuzzy Sun in the future.

Having discovered Fuzzy Sun for myself at the beginning of my first year at university, for me, their music has always encapsulated feelings of nostalgia and the excitement of that memorable first term at Nottingham. So, of course, I wanted to quiz Ross on whether he had any distinct musical memories of artists he associates with wanting to make music. “AC/DC, definitely! And just as a forefront on that, my sons getting called Angus!” (after famed guitarist Angus Young), he laughs. “But there’s a hell of a lot. When I was younger, I really got into an American pianist called Ben Foals,” Ross explains; “He was one of the first people I listened to and thought, I really wanna play music.” With this complete contrast of musical inspirations, an immediate sense of the eclectic musical taste that has helped to form the diverse sound of Fuzzy Sun is evident.

Delving into the song-writing process itself, I wondered how growing up in Stockport had affected Ross’ music making. “There’s a connection not even noticeably, but inexplicably, with where you grew up which filters into your experiences and what comes out in your song writing. There’s nothing coincidence,” he muses. Due to the experiences of the band filtering into their music, I wondered how the pandemic had affected their upcoming EP. “We had been doing shows, but when Covid hit it felt like poof right, it’s over,” Ross admits. “Our previous stuff had been a lot of love songs and stuff,” he continues; “but this album is probably quite a piece into my head, like, this is me and the inside of my brain! Throughout that time, I had a tough time in my own head,” he explains. But while having to work from home was difficult, it was evidently manageable for all members of Fuzzy Sun. Ross describes how the band initially continued their writing – “we did end up doing a lot from home – I’d send to George who’d put a bit down and then to Lewis etc”, but after the first few months, he explains that Fuzzy Sun were able to resume their normal song-writing process. “When they announced you could work without public transport, I mean, I could walk from my house so I was like, I could do with getting back in the studio!” he laughs.  

I was curious to see who the ultimate dream collaboration was for Ross and a reply came without hesitation that he’d “love to go on tour with Cage the Elephant”

Despite this reassurance that the band had steadily continued to work throughout lockdown, Ross explains that the pangs of missing touring were still present. He highlights that “we had done a European tour at the start of 2020 that was just insane. I miss being in the van! I miss driving somewhere and waking up in a new place to play,” he continues to reminisce. Clearly, Fuzzy Sun have been itching to get back on the road to gigs and festivals. So, I decided to delve into what else the band would love to look forward to. “Obviously if we could do Glastonbury that would be f*cking awesome, or just any festival out of the country,” he replies. “But I mean, to be really boring, my big goal is just to make this a living,” he adds on a thoughtful note; “if anything more happens, then that would just be great”. To wrap up, I was curious to see who the ultimate dream collaboration was for Ross and a reply came without hesitation that he’d “love to go on tour with Cage the Elephant”. He adds whilst laughing that “I remember arguing with people saying their album was better than Arctic Monkey’s first album”. Controversial, I thought, but another statement to the range of influences and inspirations that have helped build Fuzzy Sun’s unique and exciting sound.   

Fuzzy Sun’s upcoming EP ‘Since The Dog Died’ is to be released later this year in November.

Alice Busvine

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