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‘Two Extremely Talented Vocalists’ – EP Review: WalkJog – Soft Intentions

Gemma Cockrell

WalkJog consists of married couple Keith and Emily Fernandez, who interweave their melodies and voices to make their own brand of bedroom pop. Their debut EP, ‘Soft Intentions’, consists of sweet, daydreamy duets, floaty ballads and contemplative, meditative moments. Gemma Cockrell shares her thoughts.

Opening track and lead single Cyclonic Gold opens with bright and vibrant synths, before stripping back its layers to progress to a laidback, dreamy hook. Both Keith and Emily provide vocals for the track, with Keith taking care of the first verse solo and Emily providing lead vocals for the second verse alongside Keith’s backing vocals. Contrastingly, Emily is the vocalist who opens the following track Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind, before the track progresses into a lush and textural duet. Having two extremely talented vocalists is a huge strength of WalkJog as a duo.

Beautiful, twinkling synth instrumental

Somewhere In The Middle provides a more mellow and subdued moment, appearing roughly at the halfway point of the EP. It is reminiscent of artists such as Cigarettes After Sex and Mac Demarco. This is followed immediately by Different In The Dark, which has a beautiful, twinkling synth instrumental at the beginning of the track, instantly cementing it as a highlight of the EP. The following track Inner Me, on the other hand, is also driven by synths, but they are utilised very differently. Instead, here they are used to generate an upbeat and catchy pop melody throughout the song.

The duo wrote the EP’s closing track I Don’t Care as an anthem for those who are receiving negative backlash whilst trying to pursue their dreams. The aim was to motivate people to believe in themselves and to keep chasing what they want, whilst disregarding other people’s opinions. It has an energetic and infectious beat, which successfully reflects the confident and carefree attitude of the lyrics. The track is a positive anthem for individuality and self-belief, an important message in today’s society, and the perfect way to close ‘Soft Intentions’.

three and a half stars

Gemma Cockrell 

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