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‘’A Humble Reminder Of The Rising Talent In The Music Industry’’ – Live Review: Sam Fischer @ Rescue Rooms

Amrit Virdi 

Earlier this month, Sam Fischer took to the stage at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms to bring a crowd of adoring fans his energetic and fun-loving show, part of ‘A Simple Tour’. Amrit Virdi reviews.

Like most people, I admittedly was introduced to Sam Fischer when his heartfelt and vocally stunning track This City took TikTok by storm during the first Covid-induced lockdown, and since then I’ve always thought that he was one to watch in the industry. After having the pleasure of interviewing him for Impact before the show and seeing his down-to-earth-demeanour, I took my interaction with him as a humble reminder of the rising talent in the music industry and I couldn’t wait to see the performance.

Sam could interact with the crowd and his personality shone through

The beauty of Rescue Rooms is that it is an intimate venue which allows you to be on a personal level with your favourite artists. Though it wasn’t sold out, the small capacity meant that Sam could interact with the crowd and his personality shone through. All too often music industry fame strips away an artist’s self and they can get lost in the noise of their music.

The front row consisted of die-hard fans who had been queueing all day, and who had been to all the shows on the tour – Sam personally referenced them at many points in the show, which I’m sure made their day. Moments of interaction such as this defined the show and brought with them an edge of humour. Every fan who attempted to talk to Sam in-between songs was met with a witty response from the Australian singer, and I have to say I haven’t laughed as much or felt as welcome at a gig in a while!

Paired with a well-tuned, energetic band, the music didn’t fail to disappoint. Bouncing around the stage, Sam’s passion for his music shone through, as he sung his more upbeat songs such as Pick Me Up, a dance track on which he partnered with Sam Feldt. In such moments, the crowd was electric, and every single person was mesmerised by his ability to hold the room. With great lighting and production for such a small venue, this worked well to create an upbeat yet intriguing atmosphere.

Being a singer-songwriter of mostly heartfelt guitar led tracks, the majority of the set was mellow and exhibited his raw talent and lyricism. Stand out moments included For Now, and his newest release Hopeless Romantic – although the crowd didn’t know the lyrics to the latter, they were singing along perfectly well by the end to the catchy hook. However it wasn’t all heartbreak and pining; Sam’s backup singer is his wife Erin, and their beautiful bond was exhibited as he dedicated songs to her and displayed their chemistry on stage.

everyone sung their hearts out

The chatty interludes involved a lot of Sam thanking fans for coming to the show, as he vowed to come back in a bigger venue next time, calling us his original fans and even taking the time to meet everyone in the bar adjacent to the venue afterwards.

Stating he didn’t believe in encores as he would rather ‘’give us everything all at once’’, Sam ended the set with his life-changing single This City, where everyone sung their hearts out – a fitting end to the show. Whether you’re already a fan or looking to discover a rising star, I would definitely recommend catching Sam on his next tour.

Amrit Virdi

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