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Nadia Whittome Responds To Spiking Concerns

Daisy Torrington

This past week there has been a worrying increase in the reports of drink spiking in bars and clubs across Nottingham. This has led many people to demand a legal and political response from the Nottinghamshire authorities to start initiatives that will make women and other victims feel safer when going out. Daisy Torrington reports on Nadia Whittome’s response. 

she has requested an urgent update on the issue from the Police and Crime Commissioner

Following rising concerns around drinks spiking, Impact News reached out for comment on this situation from Nadia Whittome, Labour MP for Nottingham East. She extended her sympathies to the victims of spiking both in Nottingham and across the country.

In efforts to ensure that action is taken, Ms Whittome assured us that she has requested an urgent update on the issue from the Police and Crime Commissioner, Caroline Henry, and has written to the Home Secretary to ask for a meeting to establish a strategy for women’s safety.

In search for further support, Ms Whittome has been in contact with the ‘Nottingham Women’s Centre’ and has arranged meetings with various stakeholders, student representatives, campaigners and those who have been personally affected by the spiking’s, to organise a list of key demands that people have for women’s safety.

Impact has further contacted the popular bar chain Revolution for a comment on what steps they will be taking moving forward to create a safer and more welcoming environment for women.

Daisy Torrington

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