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New Releases Roundup – Adele, Hector Who Lived, PinkPantheress and Chase Atlantic

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Jacob Clarke, Gemma Cockrell and Kiah Tooke

With October shaping up to be a busy month in the music industry, Jacob, Gemma and Kiah review the latest releases from Adele, Hector Who Lived, PinkPantheress and Chase Atlantic.

Adele – Easy On Me (Jacob)

After six years since her last release, to our delight Adele has returned with her newest single Easy On Me featuring on her upcoming album ‘30’. In true Adele style, the use of the piano and raw vocals creates a combination of vivid emotions focusing on her anxious childhood, troubled marriage, and morals about the turbulence of everyday life.

Like her hit single Hello, Adele uses her powerful vocals and skill to bring us another song to last for generations. The chorus, being sung with expert skill and drama, references to how she settled down too young when she gave birth to her son Angelo before realising what she wanted out of life. Adele has voiced that the album is to be dedicated towards her son to exhibit the emotions and reasonings behind the divorce.

Having the effect to make the most cold-hearted of us cry, Adele will drop the album on 19th November. She stated, “I really want people to hear my side of the story”. I would take this time to prepare for Adele to make you tackle emotions you never knew you had.

five stars

Hector Who Lived – Monkey (Gemma)

Monkey is the debut single from Bristol-based indie-pop electronica artist Hector Who Lived. Hector is also part of the Bristol-based duo Try Me, but this brand-new project sees him taking a step away from the duo on his own solo endeavour.

It is a raw and honest account of how lockdown can negatively impact mental health

This new project sees Hector takes a DIY approach to his music, self-producing the track. The song was released with an accompanying music video, again taking a DIY approach, filmed and edited by Hector himself alongside his partner Atlanta. The video perfectly complements the song, with retro colours and a 1970s vibe.

The track was written when the first lockdown hit. Lyrically, it speaks of how acknowledgement of your own headspace is the first step towards self-help. It is a raw and honest account of how lockdown can negatively impact mental health, causing you to rely on bad and unhealthy habits. The chill and laidback tone of the track makes it easy to listen to.

three and a half stars

PinkPantheress – Reason (Kiah)

Coming from her debut mixtape ‘to hell with it’, Reason is one of the latest releases from British producer and singer PinkPantheress. After rising to fame on TikTok, PinkPantheress has collected over 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify with her 2000s inspired blend of lo-fi hip hop and pop.

Beginning her career whilst still at university, PinkPantheress first started uploading her music to TikTok just earlier this year, and has already signed to Parlophone and Elektra Records. Despite this, not a lot is known about the singer – her real name remains a mystery and she has chosen to keep her personal life separate from her career.

PinkPantheress has become known for her light and ethereal vocals, which are played upon well in the harmonies of Reason’s chorus. When talking about Reason for Apple Music, PinkPantheress said, “It’s quintessentially British. We birthed it. I think it’s always nice to go back to your roots”. The fast tempo beat that accompanies the song gives it an energetic feel alongside PinkPatheress’ mellow vocals.

four stars

Chase Atlantic – ESCORT (Gemma):

Chase Atlantic’s new single ESCORT follows their previous single OHMAMI which featured a guest appearance from Maggie Lindemann. ESCORT was first heard on the Wilterm Livestream Series in July 2021, but didn’t receive an official release on streaming services until this week. Both tracks are expected to be included on an upcoming deluxe edition of their third studio album ‘BEAUTY IN DEATH’, which was released earlier this year in March.

It continues the trio’s exploration of the dark pop and R&B genres

Lyrically, the track speaks of a stripper who is desperate for money. However, despite this, she actually resents her lifestyle, wishing instead for the safety and commitment that can only be provided from within the stability of a long-term relationship. It continues the trio’s exploration of the dark pop and R&B genres, extending the strengths of ‘BEAUTY IN DEATH’ and continuing the sounds that dominated that record.

four stars

Jacob Clarke, Gemma Cockrell and Kiah Tooke

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To listen to all of these tracks, check out the New Releases Roundup playlist on Spotify.

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