Taylor Swift Releases Her Re-Recorded Version Of ‘Wildest Dreams’ In Response To TikTok Trend

Emily Campbell

Taylor Swift has surprisingly released her re-recorded version of Wildest Dreams, originally a popular track from her album ‘1989’, despite ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ being just around the corner. Emily Campbell explains why Swift made this decision.

Wildest Dreams was first released by Taylor Swift as part of her fifth album ‘1989’ in 2014. Taylor Swift has begun this year to re-record her albums, beginning with ‘Fearless’ which features Taylor’s well-known song Love Story. The album was first released in 2008 and then the re-recorded album was released this April. Taylor Swift had announced the news of the future release of the re-recorded ‘Red’ which was first released in 2012 which includes feel-good hits such as I Knew You Were Trouble and 22.

However, we might not only be only getting one more new album from Swift this year, and this is down to the new TikTok trend linked to her song Wildest Dreams. The social media platform of TikTok is a place where trends are constantly regenerating. TikTokers began using Wildest Dreams in conjunction with a slow zoom filter, which zooms gradually into the TikTokers face as they film themselves. Wildest Dreams was being played 400,000 times a day on Spotify and it suddenly jumped to 700,000; this is down to TikTok. Swift gripped on to this trend and used it to create movement and hype surrounding her re-releases.

Swift realised that her song was being used in this trend and responded to fans by giving something back to them

Swift realised that her song was being used in this trend and responded to fans by giving something back to them. She re-recorded the single and then used it to make her own version of the trend, which was uploaded to TikTok on 17th September. In her own TikTok caption, she said “You set a date in November with ‘Red’ and then someone mentions ‘1989’”. In the video, Taylor looks up from painting her nails, then the video glitches and suddenly moves to her in a sundress where she lifts down her sunglasses and winks. Fans have gone wild over the meaning behind this and now all we can do is wait and see what is to come from Swift. These re-releases seem to signify that Swift is self-assured of her sound and confident in her development as an artist.

Emily Campbell

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