“Distinctive And Blood Curling Storyline” – TV Review: Squid Game

Alisha Ullal 

Netflix’s Squid Game is a nine episode long Korean thriller that revolves around a group of 456 people in financial debt that have been manipulated to take part in a survival game of six rounds. Each round is a violent interpretation of a children’s game, and participants must hope to win over 45 billion to clear off their debts. Alisha Ullal reviews… 

The decision to make the competition revolve around children’s games was extremely creative, as we generally associate these games with innocence. If you lose a round you are shot and killed. The contestants are not told about the dire consequences of losing a round until they play the first game- red light, green light- where over 100 contestants are “eliminated”.

the show tackles human greed and selfishness without showcasing it as black and white

The bodies of the people who lost are kept in a doll like casket which further contributes to the grotesque inversion of innocence. The other games include honeycomb, tug of war, marbles, glass stepping stones and lastly Squid game.

The show deals with important issues such as capitalism in a refreshing manner without making it cliché. I found the way the show tackles human greed and selfishness without showcasing it as black and white particularly intriguing.

Each and every character has their own unique and distinctive features and they are all complex in their own manner. I found myself sympathizing with each character, for they all have their own reasons for the selfish decisions they are forced to take.

Each episode will leave the viewer on the edge of their seat because of the number of plot twists. The cast members are brilliant and each actor is perfectly cast, it is as if each character was created specifically for them.

However, the abrupt ending is disappointing. It feels slightly distasteful after watching the characters journey and getting attached to them. It’s slightly rushed and I do think they might have ended it in hasty manner to hopefully make room for another season.

Alisha Ullal

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