“Toxic Dynamic Is Enjoyable To Watch” – TV Review – You Season 3

Alisha Ullal 

Netflix’s highly anticipated murder thriller is back! The infamous neighbourhood stalker, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) has returned to our screens again with his obsessive behaviour, proving that he is not capable of change. Alisha Ullal reviews.

At the end of the second season it is revealed that the woman, Love (Victoria Pedretti), Joe was obsessive over had the same murderous tendencies as him. In this new season, Joe and Love’s toxic dynamic is enjoyable to watch, while also very frustrating. Both the characters have the same violent tendencies, but, at the same time, they have extremely clashing personalities.  Love uses violence to cope and Joe uses violence as an excuse for protection. Love is a far more complex and interesting character than Joe.

It’s enjoyable to see a different side of Love this season, as in the second season we were unaware of her violent side until the end, but in this season we get to see it in depth. The viewers shouldn’t expect to see a different side of Joe, though, in terms of the violence and the stalking, but we get to see him be a devoted father who will not abandon his son the way he was abandoned. We have seen from the first season that Joe does have a soft spot for children. In those few moments, the viewer can see the humanity left in him.

Pedretti’s performance is the most memorable one for me

Both Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti awe with their performances. Having to portray two complex characters like Love and Joe is extremely difficult but they exceed expectations. Pedretti’s performance is the most memorable one for me because she manages to show us how impulsive her character can be.

The scene where Love finds out about Joe’s new obsession with Natalie and kills her inside the bakery where she had just signed her lease was one that sent shivers down my spine. Penn and Victoria’s chemistry complemented each other and leaves the viewers wanting them to work together again. They manage to bring out the love-hate dynamic in these ten episodes with flying colours.

I am excited for the fourth season

Some of the concepts are a bit repetitive and I think they could have done more with the scenery change. Nevertheless, I am excited for the fourth season which was confirmed a few days after the release of season three, with Joe’s new obsession being in Paris.

Alisha Ullal

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