Impact Investigates: Sexual Assault, Misogyny and Harassment at UoN; Part 3

Impact Investigations Team


In light of recent spiking incidences, Impact in collaboration with NSTV and URN have conducted a university-wide survey* shedding light on female safety concerns at the University of Nottingham. 

Sports facilities are the location most women feel unsafe in on campus, survey finds.

136 of the women Impact surveyed reported feeling unsafe at the University’s sporting facilities. One female student said: “I play a male dominated sport and I feel misogyny is pervasive in UoN sport…The attitude towards women in non-conventional sports is poor and sportswomen are not treated equally or taken as seriously as male counterparts.”

In response to these concerns, Emily Garton, UoN SU’s Women’s* Officer told Impact that they have been “planning a campaign to raise awareness for misogyny in sport” and a motion was passed unanimously last term ensuring that “Welfare training would include information regarding Public Sexual Harassment”. There are further plans to make such training mandatory for all sports team members.

Despite this, one female respondent said: “It’s so frequent among the boys who play sports, I’m not sure how it would be taken seriously”. With over 50% of the women who answered this question expressing discomfort in UoN sport facilities, it is clear that the University needs to recognise this as a priority and take action accordingly.

**When this article uses the term women, men, male or female, it references all individuals self-identifying with these genders.

**The survey received a total of 826 responses, 615 of whom identified as female and 211 as male.

Written by Niamh Robinson 

Researched by Impact Investigations team:

Niamh Robinson, Madeleine Collier, Emily Vivian, Lauren Mcgaun, Alice Nott, Gareth Holmes, Hannah Walton-Hughes, Jasmin Lemarie, India Rose Campbell, Natasha Saxton, Lana Christon, Tessa Williams, Faith Millington, Sarina Rivlin-Sanders, Rebecca Starkie, Olivia Conroy, Lauren Bryant, Niamh Budd

Featured image courtesy of Rian Patel. Permission to use granted to Impact.

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