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Against The Current: In Review

Gemma Cockrell

Gemma Cockrell ranks and reviews the discography of Against The Current.

Against The Current have been one of my favourite bands since I was about 15 – I even met them at Rescue Rooms in 2016 – but its safe to say that despite this, I haven’t been the biggest fan of everything they’ve put out, so I thought they’d be an interesting artist for me to rank the discography of.

5 – ‘Past Lives’ (2018)

It was an easy decision that ‘Past Lives’ was my least favourite release. Whilst I thoroughly enjoy every other project they’ve put out, this one just didn’t click with me from the start. There are some tracks on the album that I’d consider some of my favourite ATC songs, especially Personal, which is undeniably the best track here. However, there are others like The Fuss, Scream and Friendly Reminder that just aren’t for me. Overall, there are more misses than hits for me here.

4 – ‘Infinity’ (2014)

The trio’s first 5-track EP comes second on the list. Whilst it has some brilliant tracks like the title track and Another You (Another Way), the EP marks an unpolished version of the trio who had lots of potential and just hadn’t quite met it or executed it all the way yet. However, even though it wouldn’t be long before they met this potential, for the time being ‘Infinity’ was a solid first effort.

three stars

3 – fever’ (2021)

Now, here is where it gets difficult to rank. Originally, I gave ‘fever’ a 5-star review when it was first released, and I think I may have got caught up in the excitement of my favourite band having returned to form, so I would reduce this score slightly in retrospect. However, having said that, the 7-track EP is an excellent release. I only wish that it had been extended into a third full-length album, because I’d love to hear more tracks from the band in this style, and I hope they continue with this sound in the future, because rock suits ATC better than pop ever will.

four and a half stars

2 – ‘Gravity’ (2015)

When I said the band would soon reach their full potential following the ‘Infinity’ EP, this is exactly what I meant. This 6-track EP is hard to fault, with its explosive and powerful pop-rock sound. Lead vocalist Chrissy Costanza brings so much sass and ferocity to tracks such as Talk, Paralyzed and Fireproof, split by Dreaming Alone, a heartfelt duet with Taka from One OK Rock. Considering the fact that the band were still relatively new on the scene, and still figuring out their sound, this was a monumental moment for them.

five stars

1 – ‘In Our Bones’ (2016)

Finally, we have reached my favourite ATC project: their debut album, ‘In Our Bones’. This album, in my opinion, is flawless from start to front, and is one of the best debut albums that a band has ever released. There is not one song that I would skip from the entire tracklist, and that’s rare for me. Even six years later, I still can’t quite believe how good this album is, and it is well-deserving of the top spot on this list. I may have overplayed it to death over the years, but it will always be a special album to me regardless.

five stars

Gemma Cockrell

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