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“Like A Small Party To Congratulate The Band” – LIVE Review: Shame @Rough Trade Nottingham

Lucy Snow

After seeing Shame perform in the grandeur of Brockwell park in London over the summer, the idea of the band in such a small venue as Rough Trade was too good an opportunity to miss. Lucy Snow reviews. 

The intimacy of Rough Trade felt as though we were in Shame’s attic bedroom. With such a compact space, all the spectators were shoved together to create a small, but excitable crowd.

After crawling onto the stage, Shame immediately opened with Alphabet. Well, no time to waste really. From Alphabet, Concrete and This Side of the Sun, the energy grew and grew. More and more swarmed the front of the stage to shout and jump next to the band – myself included.

pure joy of the crowd

By the end of Concrete I had to reorganise my various woolly jumpers to ensure appropriate mosh participation. It was hard to see where Shame started, and the audience began.

As the temperature of the room increased with the intensity of the show, like a punk-filled furnace, Charlie Steen stopped to declare “this is one of the sweatiest shows we’ve had in a while”, and I, in full whiff of sweaty blokes, couldn’t have agreed more.

Briefly, mid mosh, I paused to re-tie my jumper and marvelled at the pure joy of the crowd. It was clear from the beginning of the show that the set list order was tailored for a certain type of Shame fan, luckily they all managed to stop by that evening.

there was something quite poetic and emotional within the room

It was clear to see that although Station Wagon was not the most expected of endings, it was uniquely right and so was received graciously by the sweaty, pumped crowd. There was something quite poetic and emotional within the room as Charlie began to speak. Connecting him to every boy, man and woman in the room. All, within that moment, silent and taking in every gentle syllable of every word.

The purpose of this show was to advertise Shame’s new deluxe edition of “Drunk Tank Pink”, just in time for Father Christmas to fill stockings. However, this particular evening felt like a small party to congratulate the band on not only the album but how much they have accomplished.

Please come back to Nottingham Shame, we all had a lovely time.

Lucy Snow

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