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New Releases Roundup – hidingthehurt, Empath, Bambara, The Alchemy, Against The Current and sadeyes ft. guccihighwaters

Gemma Cockrell

Gemma Cockrell rounds up some of the best releases of January so far.

hidingthehurt – iLike

hidingthehurt (Ollie Greenhalgh) released his new song iLike back in the middle of January, but the latest release from the Nottingham-based hyperpop inspired artist is too good not to include in this roundup, despite it now being February. The track features his catchiest instrumental to date, with its infectious bounce and futuristic, summer feel. The hook is also insanely catchy, as Greenhalgh sings “That’s the kind of sh*t I like” behind a mask of autotune. 2022 promises to be a huge year for this local up-and-coming artist.

Empath – Passing Stranger

Philadelphia-based psych-punks Empath have released their third single Passing Stranger, in anticipation of their upcoming album ‘Visitor’ which will be released on 11th February 2022. The fuzzy and slightly disjointed track continues the interesting and unique direction that the band are taking in the build up to the album, with the instrumental being the driving force here. Despite it being one of the slowest tracks the band have ever released, the pulsing synths and wailing vocals collide in an abrasive battle for attention.

Bambara – Birds

NYC’s Bambara have released new single Birds alongside a lyric visualiser. The track is the second and last single to be released from their upcoming mini-LP titled ‘Love On My Mind’, which will be released on 25th February, the band’s first release since their 2019 breakthrough album ‘Stray’. The alternative rock track has a moody tone throughout, with the guitars becoming much more prominent in the second half, which includes some spoken word sections in the background. Following a European tour with IDLES in March, they will also be touring the UK in April, including a date at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms.

The Alchemy – Blossom

Catchy and soaring chorus, driven by guitar riffs and crashing drums

Canterbury based alt rock band The Alchemy have released their new single Blossom, alongside the announcement of their second full-length album ‘Idle Ghosts’ which will be released later this year on May 20th. The track starts off with an understated introduction, before going into the first verse, which feels like a burst of energy which is contained and waiting to be released. This is exactly what happens when the song reaches its catchy and soaring chorus, driven by guitar riffs and crashing drums, as the vocalist very fittingly sings “I need a pressure release”. This is a very promising release from the band, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the album has to offer.

Against The Current – Wildfire

Against The Current continue to build on the strengths of their ‘fever’ EP with their new track Wildfire, a collaboration with the League Of Legends European Championship. The track has the fierce energy that all of the best Against The Current songs have, leaning more to the rock side of the pop rock spectrum, the side that definitely suits them best. Whilst this is just a standalone single, and it is unlikely that the band will be releasing a new project anytime soon with ‘fever’ having only been released recently, it still makes me hungry for more new music from one of my favourite bands of all time.

sadeyes feat. guccihighwaters – fast life

Two of emo rap’s greatest talents have come together once again for a new track titled fast life. With a soft piano beat, trap-inspired percussion and hi-hats, the mellow and relaxed sound of the track makes it perfect for easy listening throughout these colder months. Both artists bring their best to the track, as well as bringing out the best in each other, and it is no surprise that fans having been begging for another collaboration between the pair since mi amor in 2017.

Gemma Cockrell

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To listen to all of these tracks, check out the New Releases Roundup playlist on Spotify.

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