Paris Hilton’s Most Iconic Outfits

paris hilton
Elodie Moore

Paris Hilton, heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune, is one of the biggest style icons from the 2000s. Any fans of the Y2K style should look to Paris for inspiration as she was a true pioneer for most Noughties trends, including the rise of Juicy Couture, super low-waisted jeans, and bold slogan tees.

Designed by Julien Macdonald, Paris Hilton donned this chainmail halter-neck mini dress to her 21st birthday party in 2002. Further proving the iconic status of the dress, Kendall Jenner recreated the look for her own 21st birthday party in 2016.

Hilton ate, slept, and breathed Juicy Couture in the 2000s. The self-proclaimed Juicy girl apparently had an entire wardrobe dedicated to the brand’s tracksuit sets. This Barbie-esque outfit is definitely one that would be worn in 2022, paired with chunky white sneakers.

Paris’ love of slogan tees is comparable to the Conservatives’ alleged love affair with breaking COVID-19 restrictions. You can find similar tops to this on Depop, in addition to low-rise denim micro skirts like the one pictured above, so you can recreate one of the socialite’s signature looks.

Nicole Richie, singer Lionel Richie’s daughter and Paris Hilton’s reality television co-star, poses next to her best friend Paris in double-denim ensembles which embodies the 2000s in all of its quirky glory.

While we may not see celebrities wearing outfits like this in the 2020s, one of the many fashion trends that has been resurrected from TikTok is wearing button-up shirts the way Paris is wearing it here. With only one button done, plenty of chest and midriff is revealed which can transform an otherwise basic shirt into a chic Y2K fashion statement.

Perfectly coordinated as always, Paris wears pink velour Juicy Couture tracksuit bottoms along with the matching watch and one of her many flip phones hooked onto the waistline. The baby pink and grey tee may give you fashion flashbacks as Von Dutch, iconic 2000’s brand, had a huge resurgence in 2020, fuelled by TKMaxx’s vast stock of affordable items from the brand last year.

This outfit proves that Paris Hilton is the master at layering any items, going as far as to wear one fur jacket upon another. Super low-rise trousers like these would not look even remotely out of place in Urban Outfitters, along with the silver wallet-chain belts Paris decided to pair them with, proving the relatively timeless appeal of her iconic outfits.

Also layered, the trendy lace trim camisoles and chunky necklaces make this a look that anyone could recreate. However, whether they should recreate it, is another question entirely.

Elodie Moore

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