TV Shows To Destress With After Exams

Santhana Kanapathippillai

Exam season can be extremely stressful, turning night into day and days into what seems like inescapable hell. Thus, when the last submission has finally been sent off or when you take your first step out of your exam hall there’s likely to be stress and frustration still in your system. Santhana suggests some great television to destress with once exam season if finally over!


Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is such a great feel-good show with a diverse cast, which makes for the best relationships. It explores the workplace dilemmas that come hand to hand with working for the government. If you love The Office and the great Amy Poehler, Parks and Rec is the way to go! All the characters are so loveable with both the friendships and romances creating much-needed serotonin after a stressful exam season. It also takes credit for creating the hilarious band Mouse Rat and the famous holiday Galentines – perfect for this time of year.

New Girl

This sitcom is centred around Jess, who moves into a loft with three other guys after a disastrous breakup. All the characters are in their 20s navigating the strangeness of leaving their youth further behind just as we are. Nick and Jess are the most iconic sitcom couple taking friends to lovers to the next level; they always provide a sense of comfort. My favourite episodes include ‘background check,’ which is a great look at the crazy dynamic the loft shares. Special mention to the episode involving Prince!


Skins, although dealing with heavy topics including eating disorders and mental health issues, provides a sense of nostalgia for the 2010s. Despite its controversial exploration of relevant and current issues, surprisingly it makes the list for ‘the most relaxing shows on Netflix, according to science,’ meaning it helps to ease and decrease your heart rate. This is a great way to relieve the stress and overthinking that comes with exam season. Also, it gave birth to some of the most iconic British lines and icons including Effy. In my opinion, Skins is what Euphoria strives to be but fails to reach.

Skins is what Euphoria strives to be but fails to reach

Friday Night Dinner

Friday Night Dinner is about a Jewish family that is certainly far from normal. Whilst they meet for a seemingly average dinner every friday, the two brothers Adam and Johnny are constantly trying to one up each other, which sometimes ends up with beetroot in the shower head or toenails in their glasses of water. This very British sitcom is great for a light-hearted easy watch. It can be found on All 4 and is worth the watch despite the adverts. I would recommend it if you enjoyed the Inbetweeners as Adam is played by Simon Bird. Special mention to Paul Ritter, who does a stellar performance as Martin!

Derry Girls

Derry Girls is most easily described as the female version of the Inbetweeners. Whilst located in Northern Ireland, Derry girls share the success of a great ensemble, who go to an all-girls Catholic school and always end up in hilarious situations. Set against the background of the Irish Troubles, this comedy tackles the political landscape of Northern Ireland and the impact it had on its residents. Before Normal people had us embracing Irish culture and people, Derry Girls set the precedent for this entertaining insight into everyday life in Ireland. It’s a great effortless watch and the characters are extremely likeable making it easy to root for them.

 Santhana Kanapathippillai

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