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“The Only Thing Missing Was The English Summer And A Glass Of Pimms”- Live Review: Metronomy @ Rough Trade

Lucy Snow

Metronomy are an electric music group that was formed in 1999. On 20th February 2022, they performed a memorable show at Rough Trade in Nottingham. Lucy Snow reviews.

The intimate setting of Rough Trade’s attic always makes for a personable show, which is perfect for Metronomy. It felt as though you’d popped round to your mate’s house, where they’d sat you down to show you some songs they were working on. But these songs were actually amazingly good. In fact, I don’t think I stopped smiling throughout the entire set.

Every band member looked happy to be there, as did everyone in the crowd. One lad in particular was jumping with excitement at the start of every song, much to the dismay of his lady friend next to him. But I think his energy perfectly encapsulated the mood of every crowd member.

It was like watching four bands perform within one gig

The band, sandwiched together between the two keyboards, played through a medley of old favourites, as well as a select few from the new album. Each song melted into the next seamlessly, with witty interludes by Joe Mount, the lead singer. Metronomy are so technically diverse in their style;  it was like watching four bands perform within one gig. From their electronic dance hits to their retro pop songs from ‘The English Riviera’, the show highlighted their complete repertoire, and did so effortlessly.

This really celebrated the beginning of normality after COVID-19

As someone who was incredibly silly, and didn’t get an opportunity to listen to the new album, ‘Small World’, before the show, I was delighted with the songs included. Love Factory and Good to be Back, really stood out and I think they will quickly become crowd pleasers. Good to be Back was particularly lovely, because unlike other depressing tracks made during lockdown, this really celebrated the beginning of normality after COVID-19. It captured the giddy joy I still feel at gigs after the lockdowns.

The only thing missing was the English summer and a glass of Pimms. As such, I suggest anyone to make a move to any festivals this summer where Metronomy will be making an appearance. Metronomy’s sound is truly the music of summer, something greatly appreciated within stormy Nottingham on Sunday.

Thank you, Metronomy,  for a lovely show.


Lucy Snow

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