Valentine’s Day When You’re Single: A Survival Guide

Poppy Read-Pitt

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky time if you’re single. Seeing your friends all coupled up is lovely – you’re very happy for them, truly –  but it can also make you want to scream. On a day where everyone else seems so happy and content, it’s easy to feel lonely. So, without further ado, here are Poppy Read-Pitt’s (very serious) tips and tricks for surviving Valentine’s Day as a single person.

Drown Your Sorrows
Nothing will numb the pain of being alone on a day dedicated to lovers – without anyone to love or care for you – like alcohol will. Follow my lead and attempt to black this Valentine’s Day out by drinking yourself into oblivion – you can’t feel the pain if you don’t remember it!

Get some nice food in and put a film on to take your mind off the crushing loneliness you’re inevitably feeling

Another viable option is to just hide away for 24 hours until Valentine’s Day is over. If you don’t leave your room, you won’t have to face everyone else being happy and in love. Get some nice food in and put a film on to take your mind off the crushing loneliness you’re inevitably feeling.

Scream Into Your Pillow
It’s very important to have an outlet so when the thoughts of: ‘Why does no one love me? Am I the problem?’ start to seep in you can cope with them in a healthy way. I personally recommend screaming into your pillow as it can muffle the sounds of your anguish quite well. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, just scream in your room and let the sound travel. It’s importance to note, however, that it’s polite to notify your housemates before you do this as a random scream might be a bit jarring for them.

Text Your Ex
Your relationship wasn’t that bad… maybe it’s time to reconnect? I’m sure all of those underlying issues you both had have magically gone away by now! (I would like to make it clear that I am 100% joking, do not text your ex this Valentine’s Day, you broke up for a reason.)

When all else fails, just cry it out. Give in to the feelings of loneliness and the worry that perhaps you’ll never be loved and listen to some sad music to really drive it home. In all seriousness though, having a good cry is actually a great way of processing difficult and unpleasant emotions, so this bit of advice is technically genuine.

It’s okay to be single on valentine’s day, you’re doing fine

Although Valentine’s Day may not be the most fun day of the year for single people, there are still many positive ways to enjoy it too. For example, you could go out with your friends or even take yourself out on a date if you felt like it. Regardless, it’s important to remember that it’s a made-up holiday that was created to market love back to us and thus has no actual bearing over things like relationship milestones. Remember: it’s okay to be single on Valentine’s Day, you’re doing fine.

Poppy Read-Pitt

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