Why I Will Not Be Listening To ‘Donda 2’ By Kanye West

Tim Ovenden

Kanye, or Ye as he is now legally known, is in the spotlight once again. With a career mired in controversy, his social media outbursts are almost routine, but it’s different this time. Amid a messy divorce from influencer Kim Kardashian, West has announced the rollout of sequel album ‘Donda 2’ on 2/2/22. Tim Ovenden explains why he will not be listening to the album.

Trigger warning: this article contains discussions of a mental health disorder.

When I say I won’t be listening, this is given that it does actually see the light of day, since West has a penchant for delaying and scrapping projects last minute. But before I begin, I think it’s appropriate to mention that the situation regarding Ye is changing all the time, hence it’s almost inevitable that most of this article will be redundant by the time you read it. I see this piece as a teeny little slice of history.

With that out the way, I’d better tackle the question at hand. Why have I, like Kid Cudi before me, turned my back on Kanye? What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? In standard clickbait practice, I’m going to build up a few more paragraphs before I clue you in.

Ye has a history of controversies too long to recount in any detail here. From Trump supporter to Presidential candidate, it’s clear he is sporadic and a contrarian. People stayed on board because of his music, which is influential and impossible to ignore. 

I, like many others, thought it was disgusting that Marylin Manson was included on ‘Donda’ (alongside homophobe DaBaby), braggadociously gloating “guess who’s going to jail tonight?” Not to give that scumbag Chris Brown a pass, but he’s seemingly uncancellable at this point and Ye did us all favour and took him off an album patch anyway. I tried to ignore the Manson exoneration as just a bonus song to skip on ‘Donda and hoped it was a blip.

Kanye’s battle with bipolar disorder has been well documented, but Ye has to be held accountable for his words if he is not seeking the relevant help

Unfortunately, from there things have taken a downward spiral. Divorces are never easy and Kayne’s battle with bipolar disorder has been well documented, but Ye has to be held accountable for his words if he is not seeking the relevant help. In his recent barrage of Instagram posts sharing poorly cropped DMs, we see the thoughts of a broken man laid bare.

I’ll admit I find myself laughing at the absurdity of it all, but it’s really just tragic to see a 44-year-old man demonising his wife’s new boyfriend to his unrelenting stans. He’s even coined his archnemesis Pete Davidson as ‘Skete’, sharing memes of them as mortal enemies, like one edit of them imposed on a Captain America: Civil War poster.

The comments on these posts are always littered with yes men like the prolific ‘prodbyzaqq’ constantly commenting stuff like “Ye da goat no cap.” The Kanye West subreddit made an appeal to Ye, pleading with him to ignore these commenters fuelling his God complex and to stop harassing Kim. Yet despite all this, we still haven’t got to the real reason why I am done with Kanye West.

Kanye involving his children in a Pete Davidson diss track is just revolting

“Boujee and unruly, y’all need to do some chores. Rich-ass kids, this ain’t yo mama house.” These are lines from Ye’s recent feature on the single Eazy. This is the point where I lost all respect for him. He’s talking about his kids, publicly shaming them as spoiled. You’re their father Kanye, you spoiled them. I’m not a child of divorce, but I do know how important it is to ensure said child knows they are not in any way responsible for a split. Kanye involving his children in a Pete Davidson diss track is just revolting.

So, there we have it, not exactly the cheeriest article I’ve ever written. Kanye West’s new Jeen-yuhs documentary apparently goes a long way to humanising him, but I won’t be giving him the sympathy for now. In the last few hours, Ye has posted that to his album will now only be available on his $200 stem player. I guess I really won’t be listening to ‘Donda 2’ after all.

Tim Ovenden

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