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Ecosia Is Live On Campus

India Rose Marriott

In September of 2021, University of Nottingham student Daria Paterek launched her ‘Nottingham on Ecosia’ campaign, to adopt Ecosia as the university’s default search engine. As of March 2022, Ecosia has now gone live in all computer rooms. India Rose Marriott finds out more.

Ecosia is a search engine that strategically plants trees where they will bring value to both people and nature.

“My goal is to make Ecosia the default search engine”

Daria explains that she started the campaign because “as a student, I often feel helpless when it comes to the climate crisis. Yet modern technology has allowed us to play our part in saving the planet. If we all take small steps in saving the planet then we can make a real difference.”

However, Daria highlights that this is not the end of the campaign. “The next step is promotion. While I’m ecstatic that Ecosia is available on campus, my goal is to make Ecosia the default search engine. With over 20 universities making Ecosia their default search engine, I think it’s only natural for UoN to take this next big step. I’m working closely with the Ecosia On Campus team to make this possible.”

With this step towards an eco-friendlier campus, it will be interesting to see what campaigns will be inspired by the implementation of Ecosia, and the many wonderful ways the community here at the University can help fight the climate crisis.

If every staff member and student at UoN just searched once using Ecosia, we would plant over 1000 trees.

For more information regarding the campaign, and to see the hard work check out the campaign Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/nottinghamonecosia/

Download Ecosia at http://ecosia.co/UON to add to The University of Nottingham’s tree counter.

Find out more about Ecosia here: https://blog.ecosia.org/50-reasons-to-use-ecosia/

India Rose Marriott

Featured image courtesy of Daria Paterek. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes were made to this image.

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