Reflecting On Video Games That Made Me A ‘Gamer’

Daria Paterek

How did it all start? My love for gaming began when I was about ten, and I would play free games online. A lot has changed since then, but becoming an adult has made me truly appreciate the wonderful games that made me fall in love with gaming. Daria reflects on the top five most influential video games in her life.

Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl is a cooperative platformer game, where you have to work together with your teammate to finish a level. I used to play this game with my friend, as I bragged about being able to use WASD keys flawlessly. There are multiple instalments in the series that all take place in different settings and different difficulties, including in a forest, during winter, and in a desert. I adored this game because it was all about chaotic cooperation, and the versatility of the levels made it easily replayable. My friend and I would rush to receive the best time and the shiniest gems.

Bartender The Right Mix

Inappropriate for a ten-year-old? Definitely. A myriad of fun? 100%. Bartender The Right Mix is a game about mixing drinks and making terrible concoctions. The game was so addictive because of all the exciting endings, which ranged from poisoning the bartender to a full-blown explosion. Bartender The Right Mix has arguably shaped me to be the cocktail connoisseur that I am now.

GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas was the first game that I played on a console; the iconic PS2. I was around eleven, and I played the game with my younger cousins. We would scribble down cheat codes on a rough piece of paper, screaming at each other if we got the sequence wrong. I played GTA: San Andreas only to fly around in the jetpack and shoot a few people, not fully experiencing the glory of GTA. Returning to the game as a young adult has truly made me appreciate the storytelling, voice acting, and innovation of GTA: San Andreas.

The Sims Franchise

The Sims franchise fuelled my passion for gaming, and without it, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article. And I won’t stop talking about The Sims. Why? Because The Sims is arguably the most ground-breaking simulation game, offering players full control and creativity no other game does. 

All of the Papa’s Games

The Papa games are iconic. Papa’s Wingeria, Pizzeria, and Freezeria were my favourite games in the franchise, and this game was truly remarkable. I loved meeting all the quirky characters and memorising their retrospective meals. Cooking Mama? We don’t know her.

Daria Paterek

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