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“Sea Girls: The Band Have Found Their Own Style- And It Does Not Disappoint”- Album Review: Sea Girls- ‘Homesick’

Anna Bulcock

Indierock guitar band, Sea Girls, appear to have found their own style in their new album ‘Homesick’ which is to be released on 18th March 2022. Full of sing-a-long anthems, the album which grapples with a whole range of emotions, and sometimes heavy-hitting lyrics, is not one to be missed. Anna Bulcock reviews.

First meeting in high school, but not forming a band until many years later, Sea Girls have gone from strength to strength in recent years, beginning with their debut single Call Me Out in 2017. Now a regular feature on Radio 1’s Future Sounds, and set to perform at the Isle of Wight Festival, Kendall Calling and Live at Leeds this summer, on top of their two upcoming tours, the band are certainly making their mark on the music scene.

The album ‘Homesick’ is, at times, heavy-hitting and deeply personal, with inspiration coming from lead singer Henry Camamile’s return back to his childhood home in Lincolnshire, during the pandemic. Opening song, Hometown, is both lyrically raw and nostalgic, but at the same time electric, which quite aptly sets the tone for the rest of the album, which is a fusion of fast-paced anthems and softer, more heartfelt tunes.

From the very first listen, Someone’s Daughter (Track 4), immediately stood out to me as a firm favourite from the album. With a slow start, the song quickly transforms into a sing-a-long anthem that is filled with passion and energy, and will make you want to sing your heart out wherever you are.

Theme of gratitude and an appreciation for life, and for living

Friends is also packed full of emotive rhymes, and showcases the bands storytelling ability, as the lyrics “every second I waste, is one I’ll never get back”, underscore the theme of gratitude and an appreciation for life, and for living, which is etched throughout the song. This clearly timestamps the album, and its roots in the post-pandemic world, where many of us have developed even more joy and appreciation for spending time with those whom we love.

The faster paced tracks of Lucky and Higher immediately struck me as songs desperate to be played at volume this summer to crowds of ecstatic, chanting fans, as they have the potential to very quickly become festival bangers.

For me, the album marks a watershed in the band’s career, as they appear to have truly carved out their own place in the indie-guitar scene. With a perfect mix of mantras and melancholy slower songs, the band appear to have extracted their most successful sounds from previous albums, whilst continuing to curate their own unique sound.

Sea Girls are definitely one to watch this year

Having perfectly crafted their own position in the music scene, Sea Girls are definitely one to watch this year following the album release. The release of ‘Homesick’, coupled with the vibrant and high energy shows that are set to accompany the album later this year, certainly have the potential to catapult the band to new highs in their career.

Anna Bulcock

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