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“How Lucky We Were To See Him”- Live Review: Slowthai @ Rock City

Lucy Snow

Slowthai is a British rapper who rose in popularity in 2019. He performed in Nottingham’s Rock City on 24th March 2022. Lucy Snow attended the concert and reviews.

I was very excited to see Slowthai, particularly in the setting of Rock City – a venue that is perfect for gigging. He appeared mystically from a cloud of smoke in a very dashing fluffy hat, and jumped straight into the show. He began with newer tunes from ‘TYRON’; each song melted into the next, effortlessly, very much in parallel to his technical flow.

He then surprised us with never-before-heard new music. Chanting “I love myself; I love myself” in union, it is clear his music is taking a new direction. Unsurprising really, as Slowthai has transitioned from an up-and-coming artist to an established member of the UK rap scene.

Deb Never, his warmup and guest, joined the stage, and the two performed Push. Deb Never has an eclectic sound, and her energy on-stage changed the entire tone of the concert, and for a moment everyone was transformed to an indie gig, and there was a pause to the elbowing. It’s clear she is not only comfortable performing on stage; she belongs there.

This evening’s performance was tamer than others

With witty interludes and chats with crowd members, it is very difficult not to admire the man. This evening’s performance was tamer than others, no ladies’ mouths had been spat into. Perhaps it is fatherhood that has calmed his manner, but his charisma and energy was still very much present. The crowd on the other hand, were still as eagerly aggressive as ever. I decided to place myself in the midst of the chaos near the front because, well, when in Rome…

Slowthai’s staging and lighting is simple yet incredibly effective

But I would recommend that you must be an experienced mosher to enjoy the show with all its glory, although even from the balcony you were involved in the show. Slowthai’s staging and lighting is simple yet incredibly effective. Strobe lighting and smoke is the magic to elevating any incredible music into a stage performance.

The second half of the show was very much ‘Slowthais best hits’. With gems from ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ like, Doorman and Inglorious, and crowd-pleasing singles like T N Biscuits and Momentary Bliss. The result was pure joy.

I left Rock City with my shoe in one hand, phone in the other, after having lost my pal 20 minutes in, but I did not feel alone. Everyone was in complete awe and pleased; how lucky we were to see him. I even walked out chatting to the young lady who got Slowthai’s sweaty towel he’d chucked into the crowd; she was particularly chuffed.

Lucy Snow

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