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New Releases Roundup – hidingthehurt feat. Tsuyunoshi, Yung Lean, The Range And beabadoobee

Gemma Cockrell and Kiah Tooke

Gemma and Kiah review the latest releases from hidingthehurt feat. Tsuyunoshi, Yung Lean, The Range and beabadoobee.

hidingthehurt feat. Tsuyunoshi – Take Ur Leave

Nottingham-based student hidingthehurt has released new single Take Ur Leave, the final single from his upcoming EP, featuring Tsuyunoshi. The guitar-driven beat sees hidingthehurt experiment on pastures new, expanding his sound to another level, almost as if you merged the sound of artists such as Aries or Rex Orange County with some more hyperpop and emo-rap influences. The hook of the track is incredibly catchy and upbeat, with beautiful falsetto vocals.

The two promising up-and-coming artists come together seamlessly, with commendable chemistry, resulting in a song that feels like a true collaboration. Having almost doubled his monthly listener count since last summer, things are only on the up for hidingthehurt, marking him as one of the most exciting artists emerging from Nottingham, and the UK, right now. The track is one of his best, and only serves to build my anticipation for the EP, which will be released very soon. Gemma Cockrell

Yung Lean – Trip

Following his recent newfound popularity on TikTok, and being pictured with the likes of Kanye West and Drake, Yung Lean has wasted no time in dropping his new single Trip. With Yung Lean’s music, it has always felt like he was ahead of his time, and it feels like recently people are finally starting to catch on to his unique sound. Trip sees him continue to push his sound forward; showing no signs of staying the same, Yung Lean once again takes a step forward.

Lean’s airy, light, and breathy bars complement it perfectly

Produced by a variety of names, including long-term collaborator Woesum, Trip has a euphoric, upbeat instrumental that feels like basking in sunlight, released at the perfect time of year. Lean’s airy, light, and breathy bars complement it perfectly, my favourite line being “We go hard like ‘Eversince’”, a reference that is likely not just to how long Yung Lean has been making music, but also to his close friend and collaborator Bladee’s legendary album ‘Eversince’, a welcome nod to one of my favourite albums of all time.

Who knows what Yung Lean will do in the near future, and whether we will see him appearing on any of Kanye or Drake’s upcoming releases, but for now this solo track proves that he is still able to innovate and keep his sound fresh, nine years after the release of the songs of his that are currently dominating TikTok. I hope that the track will be the lead single of an upcoming Yung Lean project, with it having been two years since his last album ‘Starz’, but time will tell. Gemma Cockrell

The Range – Ricercar

Vermont based musician and producer James Hinton has released new single Ricercar, alongside the announcement of his first album in six years, due to be released in June this year. The new song uses synths and influences from 90’s hip hop to create a rhythmic and layered sound. An interesting animated music video that captures the essence of the song has also been released for Ricercar, produced by Blink Ink.

The song’s title, Ricercar, means to search out, but is used in a musical context to mean a prelude fugue which sets the song up. Hinton first heard about this concept when he read Bach’s biography, and the song became inspired by both this concept and the 90’s rap music he was listening to at the time. Ricercar follows previous single Bicameral which was also released this year. Kiah Tooke

beabadoobee – Talk

beabadoobee’s new track Talk is the lead single for her upcoming new album ‘Beatopia’, a guitar inspired track that discusses giving into things you know aren’t good for you – or in Bea’s words ”We go together like the gum on my shoes.” The sound of Talk is slightly reminiscent of 2000’s Avril Lavigne, having a pop punk edge to the track, a move away from her last feature in Cavetown’s Fall In Love With A Girl.

The sound of Talk is slightly reminiscent of 2000’s Avril Lavigne

The track came with an announcement of Bea’s tour dates in October 2022, with a show at Nottingham’s Rock City being anticipated, a step up in size from her Rescue Rooms show just last year. ‘Beatopia’ will be Bea’s follow-up from 2020’s critically acclaimed album ‘Fake it Flowers’, which the singer has said will contain a diverse range of songs. Kiah Tooke

Gemma Cockrell and Kiah Tooke

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To listen to all of these tracks, check out the New Releases Roundup playlist on Spotify.

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