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“They Have The Potential For An Amazing Night”- Live Review: Sea Girls @ Rescue Rooms

Ana Balanici

To celebrate the release of the band’s new captivating studio album, Homesick, the London formed indie-rock band, Sea Girls, presented a special album launch at Rescue Rooms on the 15th May 2022. Impact’s Ana Balanici was an attendee of the event, and reviews.

Excitement buzzed in the queue to Rescue Rooms. Anticipation building up, the crowd cheered at the lighting changes, never knowing when to expect the performance to start.

As they ran onto the stage, picking up their instruments, the band started straight away with great energy. They started the evening with the second track on their album, Sick, a song the crowd instantly recognised, immediately starting cheering and singing along, creating a lively atmosphere.

Without even taking a break, the band continued with the next song with just as much enthusiasm, this time a slower-tempoed anthem called Friends, to which the audience responded by humming along and swaying, some even listening to the band’s advice to grab your friends. I think one of the bands greatest strengths, is their ability to create and perform a good blend of energetic songs to dance to, such as Paracetamol Blues, and softer melancholic ones, such as Lonely.

Lively, screaming, and bouncing

One of the highlights of the evening was when the band performed DNA. The tranquillity created by the previous sentimental ballad shattered immediately as the first key was played, the crowd reacting, lively, screaming, and bouncing. The band themselves performed full of passion, the guitarist jumping and dancing, the bassist swaying, the drummer giving his all guiding the song, while the vocalist immersed himself into it.

Overall, it was a great evening. One thing that I felt was missing, however, was a touch of human connection. While the band performed wonderfully, in-between songs there was little conversation. A few passing comments about their new album and their future show in November were made, as well as some very quick and brief hellos and goodbyes, but for most of the event, the members remained silent.

Lack of that contact really made it feel like there was something missing

In fairness, I suppose with the time constraint of an hour performance, the band might’ve preferred to perform as many songs as possible off their album, at the price of not interacting much. Nonetheless, I think the lack of that contact really made it feel like there was something missing. During the small silence between each song, everyone was waiting for… something. But that something never came.

As the band was wrapping up the evening with one of their best-known songs, All I Want To Hear You Say, the realization of how short this evening had been hit me. Despite everything, I was not ready for the performance to end. And I was not the only one to feel this way: as soon as the members disappeared backstage, echoes of “Encore” and clapping resounded in the venue. The band returned for one last anthem, Lucky; the crowd was thrilled.

I think the band showed great potential; the crowd’s response to their performance was full of energy. With more time for a proper concert, they have the potential for an amazing night, so it is worth checking them out before their November concert later this year.

Ana Balanici

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