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“An Acoustic Coming-Of-Age?”- Album Review: Guitar Songs by Billie Eilish

Lottie Murray

After only just recently completing the first leg of ‘Happier Than Ever, The World Tour, multiple Grammy award winner Billie Eilish has released her EP, ‘Guitar Songs’. Fitting with the title, the two songs featured in this EP are driven by the beautiful, pure, yet simple sound of an acoustic guitar and Billie’s raw, unedited vocals. TV and The 30th clearly showcase Billie’s new, and arguably more matured, style, which is predominant in her most recent album, ‘Happier Than Ever.’ Lottie Murray reviews.

The production of both songs is very similar, but they are both equally alluring as one another. The stripped back, almost bedroom-pop feel of the songs allows the listener to truly emerge themselves into the lyrical success of the EP, without any distraction from the instrumentals, both truly work in harmony with one another. This allows a more personal listening experience and to feel a closer connection to the EP. Finneas, Billie’s producer and brother, has proven his immense musical ability through his versatility and careful selection of unique production techniques. While the production of TV and The 30th is nothing extravagant, they showcase both Finneas and Billie’s monumental talent.

During my first listen of the EP, I did not quite comprehend the meaning behind the lyrics, although I did immediately pick up on the melancholy tone throughout the entirety of both songs. After revisiting the EP a second time, and really assessing the lyrics, I was taken aback by the themes which are being dealt with. I feel that the most conspicuous themes present within the EP are heartbreak, denial, destruction, and acceptance.

It is made very clear that she is still very much battling through the pain

During The 30th, the listener joins Billie through the aftermath of a very traumatic event which happened to someone very close to her. Although she has not commented on anything discussed in the song, it is made very clear that she is still very much battling through the pain surrounding the situation. The key change during the bridge is definitely the greatest part of the song, and signifies the complex nature of Billie’s healing process; it is a roller-coaster of emotions.

While The 30th is an exploration of the potentiality of loss which is constantly around us, TV focuses more on the grief that comes from ending a relationship, and the almost inevitable process of questioning your self-worth as a result. Perhaps the most distinguishable part of TV is that it presents a duality of both a pre-recorded studio session and a live performance. Fans who attended Billie’s tour were already familiar with TV prior to its release, because during the middle of her set, Billie and Finneas gave the crowds an exclusive listen to a snippet of her new project. I believe that this was the perfect way for her to permanently honour the support from her tour!

This forward move left most of her fans even more in awe 

Billie’s image and music videos have proven to be quite controversial throughout her rise to fame, but listeners nevertheless headed straight to social media platforms to discuss the mention of the overturning of Roe vs Wade. This forward thinking move left most of her fans even more in awe of Billie’s art, and highlights the importance of a musician’s influence beyond their music alone.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy listening to ‘Guitar Songs’, and I am convinced that it is a superb showcase of Billie and Finneas’ talent, beyond the more intricately produced songs that they are most well known for. Although some parts of the songs become slightly repetitive in places, the tender nature of the EP allows for an intimate listening experience. From start to finish, the musicality of the EP is very enduring, and warrants a sense of companionship between artist and listener. This project makes me really excited for her future endeavours as she enters a new era of her music!

Lottie Murray

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