Meet Her At Midnight…Taylor’s Tantalising New Album Announced

Hannah Walton-Hughes

On 28th August, esteemed singer and song-writer Taylor Swift announced her tenth studio album, intriguingly titled ‘Midnights’. The album is set to be released on 21st October 2022, via Republic Records. Ardent Swiftie, Hannah Walton-Hughes, discusses. 

After a few years of only re-recordings, there is no doubt that Swifties everywhere have been waiting with bated breath for Taylor Swift to release some fresh music. Cheers erupted as thirteen-track LP ‘Midnights’ was announced last week, the first entirely new album since ‘Evermore’ in December 2020. 

Taylor Swift is a well-known and talented celebrity in the modern world. The 32-year-old has released nine original studio albums to date, along with an EP (‘Beautiful Eyes’), a Christmas album (‘Sounds of the Season’), and several recent re-recordings of her studio albums ‘Fearless’, ‘Speak Now’ and ‘Red’ (all titled ‘Taylor’s Version’). She is widely considered one of the best-selling musicians globally, winning a total of 11 Grammys and 34 American Musician Awards.  

Swift has been significant as a strong public figure

In addition to her music, Swift has been significant as a strong public figure. Identifying as a feminist, as pro-choice, and as an LGBTQ+ advocate, she has claimed titles such as ‘Woman of the Decade.’  

Politically, Swift came out in 2018 as a self-proclaimed Democrat, endorsing Democratic candidates in Tennessee, her hometown. Closer to home for us, Liz Truss even chose to march out onto stage to Swift’s powerful 2008 song, Change, at the final London Conservative Hustings last Wednesday. 

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is an inspiration to so many people worldwide. 

Returning to her upcoming album, Swift has described it as a concept album stemming from the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life. After her surprise announcement of the album at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, Swift’s social media pages have been updated with a message, Meet me at midnight. Swift’s website also sports a countdown clock, very fitting with the album’s theme. 

The overall cover of the album echoes traditional EP jackets

The album is available to pre-save or pre-order, and three different vinyl LP versions of the album were made available on 1st September, each with different cover artworks. The overall cover of the album echoes traditional EP jackets, with its songs (currently unnamed) listed on the front. The CD album will also come with varying artworks: ‘Jade Green’, ‘Blood Moon’, ‘Mahagony’ and ‘Moonstone Blue’ editions. A cassette version of the album is also available. 

Rolling Stone has predicted that the album will “go deeper” into the loneliness perspective”.  Of course, nobody really knows what to expect from Swift this time, but we can definitely expect something typically spectacular. Swift has transitioned through so many genres and moods of music, and there is no reason why ‘Midnights’ should break the fabulous habit of a lifetime. 

All we need now is an announcement of another tour! Please, Taylor?! 

Hannah Walton-Hughes

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