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“Immense Stage Presence”- Live Review: Crawlers @ Rescue Rooms

Lottie Murray

On Monday 7th November, the rapidly emerging band Crawlers graced us with their presence in Rescue Rooms. Following the release of their mixtape ‘Loud Without Noise’, the band have been touring the UK, taking their fans on a compelling journey of alt-rock greatness. Impact’s Lottie Murray reviews.

Firstly, I want to note that the support act, Uninvited, were fantastic. It made perfect sense for them to open for Crawlers, and they elevated the mood in preparation for the main act. I am glad that Crawlers were able to provide this band with such positive exposure! If you would like to find out more about Uninvited, check out their interview with BBC Radio One! Shortly after Uninvited performed, each member of Crawlers came on the stage with a beautifully dramatic entrance, and opened with the first tune on their new EP, Too Soon.

Seeing this song live gave me chills

Perhaps the most emotional track of the entire set was Hang Me Like Jesus. The track only recently got released, and is a fantastic addition to their setlist. Holly, lead vocalist, invited us to learn more about the sentimental value of this song, which she describes as a representation of her own personal “recovery” from a dark time in her life. Seeing this song live gave me chills. The lyrics are so raw, and the accompaniment of the subtle acoustic guitar and stunning vocals is simply exquisite. At this point in the set, Holly discussed the meaning behind the song, and her journey with her own mental health. She demonstrated a real sense of gratitude towards her fans: “Now two years later, we are somehow on this sold-out UK tour.” 

After seeing Crawlers a few weeks ago live in Leeds, I was sceptical of how the crowd would act, because I had quite a bad experience during their live at Leeds set. However, the band confronted this issue on Twitter, and they received an impressive response. They addressed the necessity for attendees to “be aware of their surroundings at all times”, and emphasised that there should be “No bigotry of any kind”, which of course should be a given, under any circumstance. This thread really highlighted the pleasant environment that the band are so passionate about creating, and was an excellent way to use their influence to encourage their fans to have correct gig etiquette. I can confidently say that this time round was much more enjoyable than the last experience!

Sense of togetherness truly oozed into the crowd

Overall, it was an incredibly empowering and energetic evening. You could really feel the family dynamic within the band, and this sense of togetherness truly oozed into the crowd; I have never experienced a gig where I have felt as comfortable and safe as I did here, especially because I attended alone.

Hard work and dedication

I wholeheartedly applaud every member of this band for so being so interactive with their fans, and above all, having such an immense stage presence. Their hard work and dedication to their art is reflective by them being announced as 14th in the UK charts.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Crawlers – next stop Rock City and Motorpoint Arena!

Lottie Murray

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