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“Played with Honesty and Authenticity” – Live Review: COIN @ Rescue Rooms

Isabelle Hunter

Following the release of their fourth album, ‘Uncanny Valley’, the Nashville, Tennessee pop-rock band are finishing off their tour in Nottingham. Bringing energy, good vibes, and a whole load of learning and loving to Rescue Rooms. Isabelle Hunter reviews.

‘COIN is a band’ the lead singer Chase Lawrence says to the eagerly listening crowd – a simple sentence but one that hits other levels of meaning for the audience. Following on from the brilliant support act flor, who truly got the energy dancing around the room, COIN bounced onto the stage in true rockstar style. With strobe lighting and funky graphics projected behind them, Ryan (drums), Joe (guitar), Matt (bass), and Chase (vocals) were perfectly silhouetted as they performed Watering a Dead Flower. This gave them a mysterious edge, but also shone a light on the bands rockstar status despite the relatively small venue.

What I loved most about this performance was COIN’s honesty and authentic attitude to the audience. ‘I’m not going to lie, I hadn’t heard of Nottingham before touring’ Chase stated, met with cheers and laughs. This could have gone down with a sour taste, but Chase brought it back by saying ‘they’ll definitely be back’ and ‘they will never forget us.’ Chase went on to talk about the Nottingham ‘culture’ they had experienced, such as the Christmas fair. I really enjoyed that despite not knowing the city beforehand, they clearly took time to find out more about Nottingham for the show.

This instrumental moment not only maintained the rhythm of the show but also heightened the energy of the audience

The set flowed brilliantly, as each song seeped into the next. This kept up the audience’s energy and made a rather long setlist fit into around an hour and a half. While the majority of the set was upbeat, including some interesting dance moves from Chase with the keyboard, a fan favourite was Let It All Out (10:05), a track that started with a singular spotlight on Chase performing a ballad on the keyboard. This struck heartstrings throughout the audience, as you could hear a pin drop when he began playing.

Another moment that had the audience shouting with enjoyment was Joe whipping out the trumpet during Take The Stairs. This instrumental moment not only maintained the rhythm of the show, but also heightened the energy of the audience which I didn’t think was possible. The spotlight was firmly on Joe, and we were loving it.

The band then played one of their most popular songs, Talk Too Much, which every audience member knew all the words to. Hearing this song live after listening to it for years was certainly a core memory moment, and I loved sharing it with other likeminded people. The band performed their heart out, clearly showing their passion for the music they produce even years later after its been released.

It’s been a long tour for COIN, having performed at multiple festivals over the summer and a world tour since July, they brought colour and energy to a particularly dreary November day in Nottingham. I look forward to seeing what’s next for COIN!

Isabelle Hunter

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