The Importance of Personal Style

Bethan Beddow

“Where did you get that from?” is a common question asked between people when admiring each other’s clothing. It’s a gateway question to starting a conversation, and often to forming a friendship with someone new. It allows you to discuss something that you’re truly passionate about. Personal style is an art, a form of expression but also an embodiment of something more. Your style can affect your confidence, the way you approach life, and it even impacts others’ impressions of you. Bethan Beddow highlights the importance of finding and honing your own style.

Putting together an outfit in the morning can be difficult. Should you choose the flared jeans or the khaki cargos? It may seem like a simple thing to worry about, but for me and many others what we pick can change our whole day. If you regret wearing that top or that jacket then your mood can plummet to nothingness. It can cause an internal battle between yourself and your clothing and leave you wondering, ‘why did I wear this?’

Just as every human is unique, so is their style

Personal style is a part of you – it is not a separate entity. Your style grows with you; it reflects your emotions, your thoughts, and your relationship with work and people. Just as every human is unique, so is their style. And that is why personal style is so important to us all.

Clothes can also project a certain image. Take, for example, professional environments. Workers wear blazers, black pumps, muted colours, and usually minimal makeup. There is a need to fit in and this style is one which denotes a successful career.

Will we look back at parachute trousers in a few months and cringe?

Micro-trends can seriously hinder personal style. People want to fit in and can be easily influenced by what they see others wearing around them. However, micro-trends become old news as quickly as they became fashionable. Trends like cow print and low-rise jeans took young people by storm, only to become unpopular in a few weeks. Will we look back at parachute trousers in a few months and cringe?

The environmental costs of micro trends are enormous, yet the fast fashion industry is making billions. These clothes are usually bought cheaply from fast fashion, then discarded once the trend dies. An estimated £140 million worth of clothing is sent to a UK landfill each year.

Consider waiting a few weeks to see if it’s something you really do like

Overconsumption is ruining not just our need to find our own personal style, but also the world around us. Yet there are plenty of more sustainable alternatives. Rather than buying into microtrends, perhaps consider waiting a few weeks to see if it’s something you really do like, fits your personal style, and something you’ll still want to wear in a year’s time. And then, try buying from sustainable businesses or second-hand from charity shops or online resale apps.

Whether you view clothes as simply something to keep you warm, or you’re a fashionista, everyone has a personal style. It can be a way of expressing your inner self, giving you confidence and a crucial part of living your life. 

Bethan Beddow

Featured image courtesy of Sarah Brown via Unsplash. Image license found here. No changes were made to this image.

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