Decor Items That You Can Use For Your Uni Room To Make It Feel Like Home

Living room interior with white walls and minimalist furniture
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Your student accommodation might be hundreds or even thousands of kilometres far from your actual home, so no one says it’s easy to live in a dorm. But learn there are some items you can decorate your uni room with to make it feel cosier. Some of these are cheaper than you think, so you don’t have to worry about going over your student budget.

Student accommodations often leave the impression they’re inhabitable, and the leading reason for this is because they’re decorated – or, better said, not decorated at all – in a cold manner. But it doesn’t have to be like that, especially when you have many options to spruce up your drab uni space. Even that overwhelmingly grey or white in the furnishings room can be transformed into a vibrant, characterful, and lovely-spending-time-in space with little creativity and good taste.

Here’s a list of items to make your student accommodation feel more homely, even on a shoestring. Read on for valuable information.

Cosy throws

The secret to a warm room lies in the layers, and this should be emphasised more. Thus, remember to take some extra throws and blankets along when you return from your holiday. Hued and patterned blankets are an excellent choice if you plan to add more personality and character to your plain uni room. Throws can be found in any existing style, so if you have a love for the Scandinavian style, you’re likely to find those cosy and neutrally coloured items in almost any home design shop. But don’t forget that those warm creams and greys need a dash of colour, so if you haven’t yet come to a decision, you may want to consider some of our recommendations – vibrant green, deep blue, red brick, magenta, or light sapphire. These accent colours will liven up and add personality even to the dullest spaces.

More furniture

Student accommodations typically look the same, and that’s the reason they’re often characterless. Furniture plays a major role in this sense, as it’s the one thing that eats up most of the room’s space. So, if you rearrange it a bit, you could obtain a unique room layout. Or, if the space allows, you could invest in more furniture items. Not beds or desks, of course, but maybe an extra chair, a rustic bedside table, or a comfy bean bag. You can add more shelves to make the most of your storage or improvise a kitchenette. You’re likely to find a wall unit suitable for all your needs at a very reasonable price so that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Items such as these make a dorm or other accommodation feel homier and distinguished from the rest on the floor.

Stylish bedding

There’s an unwritten rule in the world of interior design – you either go big with your bed or go home. This is even more important in student accommodation, as the bed occupies the most floor space. So, ensure you top it off with top-notch sheets, duvets, and pillows. If you don’t have a richness of décor items in your uni room, which is quite common among students, you could make the most of your bed covers and use them to inject patterns and colour into your accommodation. The catch is that you need to invest in quality bedding, giving up on the idea that it could be destroyed before the end of the first term. It’s worth paying a bit more for characterful bedding, as this will ensure you a comfortable sleep. Trust us – rest is the most precious in your student years. And don’t skip the towels; they’re great additions to a uni room, making it look not only homey but also like a hotel room if they’re qualitative enough.

Fairy lights

Lighting is one of those not-to-be-neglected aspects as regards uni room decoration. That’s because it can turn a cold and uninviting space into a charming one in no time. Lighting is the ultimate factor contributing to the ambience of your place, so ensure you choose it wisely. Apart from layering the lighting by adding both table and floor lamps, you can also breathe a new life into the dorm with fairy lights. It’s a universally accepted law that string lights make everything magical, not to mention that they’re usually inexpensive. Moreover, fairy lights are so versatile that you can hang them anywhere, be it around your desk or bed. One thing is for sure – they’re incredibly useful for bedtime reading or those late-night studying sessions.

Rugs and cushions

You don’t know the power of a statement rug until you roll it out in your uni room. It won’t just cover a possibly unappealing floor, but it’ll add character to the space, making it more inviting and familiar. Rugs are excellent for bland rooms, as they inject personality into them, but soft furnishings tend to be quite expensive. That’s why we recommend looking for second-hand items or visiting a vintage shop – you’d be surprised how many amazing and unique things you can find in such stores. As a hint, ensure you buy something that adds texture and colour, especially if your student room has poor decoration.

Cushions are also ideal for making your dorm feel more like home. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on too many such pieces; one or two cushions scattered on your bed or mini sofa are enough to complete the look of and elevate a dull room.


Mirrors are famous for making narrow spaces look larger. So, if your student room feels claustrophobic, we recommend investing in a stylish mirror. Nonetheless, check the rental agreement if you decide to hang it on your wall. If hanging isn’t reachable, consider leaning your mirror against the wall for a boohoo and no-damage aesthetic. You can play with the colours and shapes when it comes to mirrors, so yes, these pieces are a great deal if you plan to breathe new life into your uni room and do so on a budget.

Don’t forget to incorporate plants into your décor, too –  they not only refresh the room’s oxygen supply but also make the space feel homier.

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